Jefferson Lab Colloquium: Joseph Lykken

Joseph Lykken
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CEBAF Center Auditorium


Speaker: Joseph Lykken, Ph.D. of Fermilab Quantum Institute

When: Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Topic: Quantum Science at Fermilab

Abstract: Fermilab launched a quantum program in 2017 to explore the overlaps between quantum science and technology and the lab’s primary mission of high energy physics. These overlaps include areas where Fermilab expertise and infrastructure contribute to the larger QIS ecosystem, such as applications of SRF accelerator technology for quantum devices, as well as exploring how quantum sensors and quantum computers can contribute to advancing fundamental science. Quantum sensors are now enabling the launch of new experiments, including MAGIS-100, the world’s first 100-meter scale cold atom gradiometer, aimed at detecting gravity waves and wavelike dark matter.

Bio: Joseph Lykken is a particle theorist and the head of the Fermilab Quantum Institute. He received his Ph.D. from MIT and joined the Fermilab staff in 1989. As a particle theorist he worked on string theory and theories of extra dimensions of space. In 2007 he joined the CMS experiment and participated in discovery searches at the LHC. From 2014-2022 he was the Deputy Director of Fermilab, during which time he founded the lab’s quantum program. He co-authored a 2022 paper in Nature reporting the first observation of wormhole teleportation on a quantum device.

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