Short-Distance Nuclear Structure and PDFs

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Trento, Italy

Over the last decade, a number of explanations for the modification of nucleon quark distributions in nuclei (the EMC effect) have been put forth, leveraging information from the 6 GeV JLab program. In particular, new information on the A dependence in light nuclei and the correlation with the observation of high-momentum nucleons born in two nucleon correlations (2N SRCs). By the time of the workshop, several 12 GeV measurements will have been completed that will significantly expand on what was learned at 6 GeV. EMC and SRC data on many new nuclei from several experiments at Jefferson Lab will be available to more meaningfully probe these relationships, examine the mass and isospin dependence, and study the momentum dependence of the nucleons. In addition, measurements using spectator tagging have been performed that will help study the impact of virtuality on the nucleon structure. We aim to examine the status of the field, ascertain what we can learn from new and upcoming data and set goals for the next 5 years, both theory and experimental.