Theory Seminar: Aaron Meyer

Aaron Meyer
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Speaker: Aaron Meyer

Title:The Axial Form Factor Extracted from Elementary Targets

Abstract: Next generation neutrino oscillation experiments are poised to provide answers to key questions about the nature of the neutrino. The axial form factor is a vital ingredient for constructing nucleon amplitudes and predicting quasielastic scattering cross sections, a primary signal measurement process for flagship oscillation experiments. The uncertainty on this form factor is vastly underestimated by the dipole parameterization and a model independent determination is not well constrained by elementary target data. To fulfill this experimental need, first principles Lattice QCD computations yield the interaction of a nucleon with a weak current in the absence of a nuclear medium. Results from LQCD calculations will significantly improve constraints on the form factor and permit factorization of uncertainties originating from nucleon and nuclear sources. In this talk, I will discuss the application of detuerium scattering and preliminary results from hydrogen scattering and LQCD calculations for extracting the axial form factor and its uncertainty. I will examine some of the discrepancies between extractions and outline a path toward improving the form factor uncertainty for next-generation neutrino experiments.