Theory Seminar: Farid Salazar

Theory Seminar: Farid Salazar
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CEBAF Center L102

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Speaker: Farid Salazar (LBNL and UC Berkeley)

Title: The precision Frontier for Gluon Saturation

Abstract: A major pillar of the Electron-Ion Collider (EIC) scientific program is the discovery and characterization of a new regime of nuclear matter, known as color glass condensate (CGC), dominated by a highly dense and saturated system of gluons. Predictions from the CGC effective theory have been confronted with experimental data from HERA, RHIC, and the LHC, where compelling but not definitive signatures of gluon saturation have been observed [1].

In this talk, I will briefly review the state of the art of the CGC with an eye toward the EIC era. I will highlight our recent efforts in the computation of dijet production in deep inelastic scattering next-to-leading-order in the CGC [2]. In particular, I will discuss the kinematic regime where the jets are near back-to-back in the transverse plane [3] and the interplay between soft-gluon and small-x resummation [4-7]. I will present numerical predictions that could shed light on possible signatures of gluon saturation at the EIC [8]. I will conclude with a brief outlook on how our techniques can be applied to other processes.

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