Theory Seminar: Ferenc Pittler

Theory Seminar: Ferenc Pittler
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Please join us for a remote Theory Seminar.

Speaker: Ferenc Pittler (Cyprus Institute)

Title: Pion Nucleon Scattering in the ∆ Channel at the Physical Point Using Lattice QCD

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Abstract: The lightest baryonic resonance, the ∆ plays an important role in investigating the physics of compact neutron stars. Obtaining the resonance parameters (mass, couplings and transition matrix elements) from first principles is necessary. Lüscher’s work provided a theoretical basis for connecting infinite volume resonance parameters to the interaction spectrum in finite volume making possible to study resonances using the Euclidean formulation of lattice QCD. In this talk, I present our investigation, 𝜋-N scattering in the math  channel, using ab-initio lattice simulation at physical pion mass. Assuming Breit-Wigner resonance shape in the scattering amplitude, we predict the mass and the coupling of the ∆ resonance.