Theory Seminar: Jorge Baeza Ballesteros

Jorge Baeza Ballesteros
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Speaker: Jorge Baeza Ballesteros (University of Valencia)

Title: Meson-Meson Scattering At Large Nc

Abstract: The large Nc limit of QCD is a simplification of the theory of strong interactions that keeps most of its non-perturbative features and has been used by many phenomenological approaches to QCD. However, subleading Nc effects are hard to estimate and may lead to predictions very different from experimental observations. In this talk, I will discuss how lattice QCD can be used to study these subleading effects and, in particular, how we are using it to analyze the Nc scaling of meson-meson scattering in a theory with Nf=4 degenerate quark flavors. I will first present some results on pion-pion scattering near threshold for Nc=3-6, and how they allow to constrain the Nc dependence of different low energy constants from chiral perturbation theory. Later, I will discuss ongoing work that extends the previous study to higher energies, with the main goal of analyzing possible tetraquark states appearing in one channel that is unique to the Nf=4 theory.

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