Theory Seminar: Tim Hobbs

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Speaker: Tim Hobbs (Argonne National Lab)

Title: Fitted charm in CT18: the enduring nonperturbative charm problem

Abstract: As the lightest of the heavy flavors, the charm quark occupies a liminal space in QCD, transgressing the boundary separating perturbative and nonperturbative dynamics. Charm therefore plays a central role in efforts to refine QCD and our corresponding understanding of proton structure for experiments at the LHC and elsewhere. Within this context, I outline a stubborn problem in the theory of nucleon structure: the open question of whether the proton contains a significant nonperturbative (often called "intrinsic") charm component. I discuss some of the theoretical ambiguities that have kept this challenge alive while summarizing the findings of a recently published CTEQ-TEA analysis, the CT18 Fitted Charm (FC) study, which identified a need for more data --- for instance, from the Electron-Ion Collider --- to ultimately resolve this question.