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Theory Seminars

Spring 2013 Theory Seminars

Date Speaker Title
Jan 3 L104 1 p.m. Raul Briceno (University of Washington) Towards Nuclear Reactions from Lattice QCD (abs) (pdf)
Jan 4 L104 1 p.m. Jeremy Green (MIT) Nucleon structure near the physical pion mass (abs) (pdf)
Jan 9 L104 4:30 p.m. Lewis C. Tunstall (CSSM and CoEPP, The University of Adelaide) Thomas Jefferson Laboratory Postdoctoral Position: Remote Talk (pdf)
Jan 11 F113 11:00 a.m.

Vadim Lensky (The University of Manchester)

Cesar Fernandez Ramirez (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

Effective Field Theories in Nuclear and Hadron Physics (pdf)

Sitting in the Interphase: Connecting Experiment and Theory in Nuclear and Hadronic Physics (pdf)

Jan 16 L104 3:00 p.m. Daniel Pitonyak (Temple University) Single- and double-spin asymmetries in hard scattering processes (abs)(pdf)
Jan 18 L104 9:00 a.m.

Alvin Stanza Kiswandhi

Vincent Mathieu

Miguel Albaladejo (U. Murcia)

Near-threshold behavior of the cross section of $\gamma p \to \phi p$ and $\gamma d \to \phi p n$: A resonance interpretation (abs)(pdf)

Amplitude Analysis for Hadron Spectroscopy (abs)(pdf)

Non-perturbative methods and Chiral Perturbation Theory applied to Meson-Meson interactions (abs)(pdf)

Jan 28 F113 11am Andrey Tarasov (St. Petersburg State University) BFKL pomeron in nuclear physics (pdf)
Feb 1 Fri L104 Brian Tiburzi (City College of New York) Anatomy of Hadronic Parity Violation on the Lattice (pdf)
Feb 4 L104 11a.m. Huey-Wen Lin (University of Washington) Hadron Structure on the Lattice (pdf)
Feb 6 Wed L104 2p.m. Ted Rogers (Stony Brook University) Exploring Hadron Structure with Transverse Momentum Dependent (TMD) Factorization (pdf)
Feb 11 L104 1p.m. Andre Walker-Loud (LBNL) Mn - Mp (pdf)
Feb 18 L104 1p.m. Bastian Kubis (University of Bonn) What Can We Learn From Hadronic and Radiative Decays of Light Mesons? (pdf)
Feb 25 L104 1p.m. Anosh Joseph (LANL) Supersymmetry on the Lattice: Theory and Applications of N=4 Yang-Mills (abs)(pdf)
Mar 11 L104 1p.m. Alexei Prokudin (Jefferson Lab) Three-Dimensional nucleon structure: Jefferson Lab 12 and beyond (abs)(pdf)
Mar 13 L104 2p.m. Michael Doering (University of Bonn) Excited hadrons from data (abs)(pdf)
Mar 18 L104 1p.m. Mikhail Gorshteyn (University of Mainz) Resolving New Physics with Theoretical Study of QCD and Hadron Structure(pdf)
Mar 20 L104 2p.m. Nikolay Kivel (Helmholtz Institute, Mainz) Two-Photon Exchange Corrections to Elastic Electron-Proton Scattering at Large Momentum Transfer Within the SCET Approach (pdf)
Mar 25 L104 1p.m. Nathan Hall (University of Adelaide) Interference Radiative Corrections to the Proton's Weak Charge(abs)
Apr 1 L104 1p.m. Raju Venugopalan (BNL) Evidence for BFKL and saturation dynamics in high multiplicity collisions at the LHC (abs)(pdf)
Apr 2 UDU Raju Venugopalan (BNL) Hottest Stuff on Earth: How it's Formed, What it's Made of, How it Flows (abs)(pdf)
Apr 3 Central Auditorium 11 a.m. Raju Venugopalan (BNL) Hottest Stuff on Earth: How it's Formed, What it's Made of, How it Flows (abs)(pdf)
Apr 8 L102 1 p.m. Dave Soper (University of Oregon) Using Jet Substructure to Find Physics Signals at the LHC (abs)
Apr 15 L104 1p.m. Tom DeGrand (University of Colorado) Lattice baryons in the 1/N expansion (pdf)
Apr 29 L104 1p.m. Dean Lee (Duke University) Lattice Effective Field Theory for Nuclei (abs)(pdf)
May 13 L104 1p.m. Vladimir Braun (Regensburg University) Finite-t and Target Mass Corrections in Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering (abs)(pdf)
June 14 F224/225 1p.m. Viktor Petrov (St. Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute) Baryons at large number of colors

Please contact the theory seminar organisers Alvaro Cordon, Carlos Granados and Alexei Prokudin if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.