Illegal Use of Copiers

Congress, by statute, has forbidden the copying of the following subjects under certain circumstances. Penalties of fine or imprisonment may be imposed on those guilty of making such copies.

  1. Obligations or Securities of the United States Government, such as:
    • Certificates of Indebtedness
    • United States Bonds
    • Federal Reserve Bank Notes
    • Fractional Notes
    • National Bank Currency
    • Treasury Notes
    • Silver Certificates
    • Certificates of Deposit
    • Coupons from Bonds
    • Federal Reserve Notes
    • Gold Certificates
    • Paper Money

    Bonds and obligations of certain agencies of the Government such as FHA, etc.

    Bonds (U.S. Saving Bonds may be photographed only for publicity purposes in connection with the campaign for the sale of such bonds.)

    Internal Revenue Stamps. (If it is necessary to copy a legal document on which there is a cancelled revenue stamp, this may be done provided the reproduction of the document is performed for lawful purposes.)

    Postage Stamps Cancelled or Uncancelled. (For philatelic purpose, Postage Stamps may be photographed provided the reproduction is in black and white and is less than 3/4 or more than 1 1/2 times the linear dimensions of the original.)

    Postal Money Orders.

    Bills, Checks or Drafts for Money drawn by or upon authorized officers of the United States.

    Stamps and other representatives of value, of whatever denomination, which have been or may be issued under any Act of Congress.

  2. Adjusted Compensation Certificates for Veterans of the World Wars.
  3. Obligations or Securities of any Foreign Government, Bank or Corporation.
  4. Copyrighted material of any manner or kind without permission of the copyright owner, except for certain educational and research purposes (see Copy Restrictions)..
  5. Certificates of Citizenship of Naturalization. (Foreign Naturalization Certificates may be photographed.)
  6. Passports. (Foreign passports may be photographed.)
  7. Immigration Papers.
  8. Draft Registration Cards.
  9. Selective Service Induction Papers which bear any of the following information:
    • Registrant's earnings or income
    • Registrant's previous military service
    • Exception: U.S. Army and Navy
    • Registrant's dependency status
    • Registrant's physical or mental condition
    • Discharge certificates may be photographed.
    • Registrant's Court Record
  10. Badged, Identification Cards, Passes or Insignia carried by Military, Naval personnel or by members of the various Federal Department and Bureaus, such as FBI, Treasury, etc. (unless photograph is ordered by head of such department or bureau).

    Copying the following is also prohibited in certain states: Automobile licenses- Drivers' Licenses- Automobile Certificates of Title.

    The above list is not all inclusive, and no liability is assumed for its completeness or accuracy. Please check with JLab legal counsel in case of doubt.