Lesson Learned Overview


While conducting routine work operations employees often learn valuable lessons that, if shared, would benefit others. New and improved methods for saving time or initiating mitigation techniques to increase safety are examples of information that is valuable. Jefferson Lab encourages the distribution of this type of information and uses this Lessons Learned Database to capture and distribute content to relevant individuals.


Jefferson Lab has appointed a Lessons Learned Coordinator (LLC) who is responsible for inputting data. They are the first point of contact for questions or comments regarding this program.


Roles and Responsibilities

Everyone at Jefferson Lab

  • Provide lessons learned to the Lessons Learned Coordinator. Include:
    • Summary Statement
    • Discussion of Activity
    • Analysis
  • Apply lessons learned to applicable activities.


Lessons Learned Coordinator

  • Collect lessons learned ideas and content.
  • Screen lessons learned content.
  • Document lessons learned. Maintain records of all Lessons Learned activities according to National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) approved DOE Record Disposition Schedules.
  • Distribute Lessons Learned to relevant individuals.


How to Use the Lessons Learned Site

Home Page

The Lessons Learned Home Page provides a listing of content provided within the last 180 days.


View Lessons Learned

Click on the Lesson Number to review a Lesson Learned.

Lesson Learned Home Page


Available on the top bar.  Click this to narrow your search to relevant content. Select the filter option you desire and click the "Search" button at the bottom.

Lesson Learned Filter Options

Keywords in the Title, Statement, Discussion, Analysis Search

Insert as many words as you would like. They may appear in any part of a record.  If even one of them appears in a lesson learned, that lesson learned will be displayed in the Search Results.



Default setting is Approved.  Content available in other categories has not been authorized for general distribution.



Check the relevant hazard to see applicable content. All of Jefferson Lab's recognized hazard issues are listed.



Check the relevant skill to see content that may be of interest to those current in that skill. All of Jefferson Lab's training courses are listed.


Lessons Learned Content Page




The Summary block provides a variety of useful administrative data including the person to contact for additional information concerning the lesson learned.



The Attachment block is used to include items relevant to the lesson. Often pictures that demonstrate a point, or original documents which are too lengthy to include in their entirety, are included.


Hazard Issues

Jefferson Lab has a set of recognized hazard issues. Linking a lesson learned to a recognized hazard issue ensure it is relevant to operations and facilitates search options.



Providing lessons learned to individuals who would most benefit from them, is a prime objective of the program. Lessons learned are therefore distributed to individuals whose training is current in the course most closely identified to the recognized hazard issue.



Individuals who have requested, or require, per their job description, to be informed whenever a lesson learned is downloaded are denoted within the Distribution/Notification box. This also provides a record that these individuals were notified.



Click on "home" to go back to the main page and begin another search.