JLab Upgrade Named Near-Term Priority In DOE 20-Year Facility Plan

JLab Upgrade Named Near-Term Priority In DOE 20-Year Facility Plan

Jefferson Lab's 12 GeV Upgrade was among the 12 projects identified as near-term priorities when Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham outlined the Department of Energy's 20-year facility plan on November 10, 2003. The plan prioritized a total of 28 projects, culled from the 53 projects initially proposed, and includes new scientific facilities and upgrades to current facilities that will keep the United States on the leading edge of world-class science.

"Upgrades to facilities, such as the Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator, would essentially create new facilities by applying advanced technology to our current stock of powerful research machines," Secretary Abraham said during his comments at the National Press Club luncheon. "The upgrade to this accelerator…will double its power and apply advanced computing power to help us explain the properties of one of the strangest particles yet discovered — the quark."

Secretary Abraham said, "From the very large, with new pictures of how our universe evolved, to the very small with insights into the structure of the nucleus, the facilities we are proposing will secure American pre-eminence in science for the better part of the 21st century."

The next step in the 12 GeV Upgrade construction project, which is anticipated in the near future, will be receipt of Critical Decision Zero (CD0) approval from the Department of Energy's Office of Science.

The 20 year plan has been posted here.

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JLab 12 GeV upgrade plans.