Managing R&D in the '90s Workshop & Conference (Release)

Managing R&D in the '90s Workshop & Conference

Experts from top notch R&D facilities around the nation will map a new course for R&D effectiveness at an innovative workshop and conference, "Managing R&D in the '90s," to be held September 11-12,1996, at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility in Newport News, Virginia.

Corporate leaders, such as Xerox's Charles Duke, will guide attendees to set their sights on value-focused research management, while Mark Cardillo of Lucent Technology's Bell Laboratories will steer them toward new approaches to management strategies. Representatives from government agencies and university R&D centers will focus on partnerships and resources that work. Gain insight into the path taken by innovators at the National Institute of Standards and Technologies who have implemented the Advanced Technology Program partnerships, and from Jefferson Lab, a $600-million Department of Energy nuclear physics laboratory, where a number of public-private partnerships have been established to spark technology development.

Participate in a creative problem-solving workshop led by Chic Thompson, internationally acclaimed consultant, author and founder of Creative Management Group. Using innovative and unorthodox techniques, Chic will help participants discover new solutions to old problems through creative, out-of-the-box thinking.

Other speakers include Bernard Guidon, Vice President of Hewlett Packard; Randy Guschl, Director of Corporate Technology Transfer at DuPont Central Research and Development; Joe Meredith, President of Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center; Bruce Holmes, Manager of the NASA General Aviation Program; Bob Templin, President of the Center for Innovative Technology; and Dennis Gabriel, Director of Business Development Finance for the Virginia Economic Development Partnership.