Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs April 28, 2010

Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs
April 28, 2010


Overall, the accelerator was running well, with low trip rates. Radiofrequency zone 2L21 caused beam to be unstable, and the zone was bypassed. Two shifts were spent for beam studies. Hall A Compton signal-to-noise ratio sometimes changed, which required fine-tuning of the beam.

Free-Electron Laser

The FEL team altered the drive laser approach for producing 40 picosecond bunches and substantially improved the phase stability. The team has been able to establish lasing that can be used for beam studies and user tests. The team has also been preparing for the JLab Open House.

Theory Center

Deep inelastic scattering in the saturation region (for small x and/or large nucleus) is described by the evolution of color dipoles. In leading order in the strong coupling constant, this evolution is governed by the non-linear Balitsky-Kovchegov equation; but to see whether this equation is relevant for future accelerators (like the proposed Electron-Ion Collider or the proposed LHeC), one needs to know how big the next-to-leading order (NLO) corrections are. A new review article <arXiv:1004.0057 [hep-ph]> summarizes the status of the NLO corrections to high-energy amplitudes in various theories, including QCD.

JLab's Safety Numbers

4 Days since Last Recordable Accident (JLab record: 331)
4 Days since Last Lost Workday Accident (JLab record: 676)

JLab Calendar of Events

April 28: Colloquium and Public Lecture
April 29: Safety Shoe Vendor onsite
May 1: JLab Open House
May 5: Colloquium and Public Lecture
May 12: JLab's 25th Annual Run-A-Round
May 27: Safety Shoe Vendor onsite
May 31: Memorial Day holiday - JLab closed




Environment, Safety, Health & Quality

There will be many temporary changes to the accelerator site, buildings and roads to support the Open House scheduled for May 1. If you have questions about the event, visit the Open House webpage. The Open House is addressed by ESH-10-021-OSP. Michelle Lechman, Open House Coordinator, is providing all tour escorts with a briefing of the safety aspects of the Special Event OSP and additional helpful material. All Open House volunteers,  in unpaid or paid status, must attend the safety briefing and orientation. The last scheduled briefing will be held in the CEBAF Center auditorium on Thursday, April 29 at 3 p.m. A copy of the OSP and associated documents will be posted online after signatures are obtained and before the event. In addition, an e-mail will go out this afternoon highlighting road closures and disruptive setup activities for the Open House; it will also contain a map showing volunteer parking locations.

Volunteers are still needed; call Tina Menefee, Open House Volunteer Coordinator (x5490), if you can volunteer a few hours of your time. Among other important tasks, volunteers provide a continuous escort along the tour route to ensure that visitors stay in designated areas and follow the assigned route. Escorts answer questions and provide the visiting public with assistance and direction and contact security or medical services if needed. It is a very important role, and the Open House depends on its volunteers. If you are a volunteer, remember to bring a hat or umbrella, sun screen, comfortable clothes, suitable shoes and your volunteer T-shirt!


Accelerators for Nuclear Reactors Colloquium and Public Lecture Today at 4 p.m.
Charles D. Bowman, president of ADNA Corp., will present "GEM*STAR Nuclear: Solutions to Electricity and Liquid Fuel Problems Based on JLab Accelerator Technology." The talk will describe how accelerators can now be integrated into fission technology to solve nuclear's problems and finally realize the benefits expected from fission 50 years ago.

Open House Countdown
Jefferson Lab's Open House 2010 is fast approaching. On Saturday, join fellow scientists, administrators and technicians as we open lab facilities for tours and help educate the public about JLab science. Local universities, regional museums, government agencies and other organizations will also present activities and information on local science endeavors. This is a National Lab Day event.

JAG Run-A-Round Volunteer and Event Registration Is Open
Online registration for the 2010 JAG Run-A-Round is now open. Runners who wish to be eligible for awards have until 5 p.m. on Tuesday, May 11, to register. A non-award late registration option will be available the day of the event. Online signup for volunteers is also open. Volunteer early to get your preferred volunteer task and time slot.

National Library Week
Information Resources is celebrating National Library Week throughout the month of April. The library now provides access to the current e-journals of the Optical Society, AIP and Nature, as well as the complete back-files for AIP's Applied Physics Letters, Journal of Applied Physics and Review of Scientific Instruments. In addition, the library has been granted access to the Royal Society of Chemistry e-journal titles through December. To search for articles within the RSC search engine, click here. All available e-journals are listed online.

E-books from Springer, Wiley and CRC are a significant boost to library holdings; these books can be found in the online catalog using the search terms Springerlink, Wiley Interscience, or CRCnetBase. Also, Springer will provide staff members a personal copy of any e-book that Library Services has purchased (2005 - 2008), as long as it is a Springer imprint/publication and not longer than 800 pages. Users pay only $24.95 per copy. See the "Mycopy" icon at the top of the specific Springerlink page. For an example page, click here. For assistance, contact library staff at x7525 or x7524.