Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs April 7, 2010

Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs
April 7, 2010

12 GeV Upgrade

The first article four-meter dipole magnet was inspected and accepted at JLab; series production was authorized. Deliveries of beamline quadrupole magnets reached 50 of the total expected number of 125. The contract was awarded for the girders and pedestals to be used for arc 10 and the beamline to Hall D. A vendor site visit was held for the corrector dipole magnets to inspect the first article unit. The contract for the large magnet power supplies was awarded. First article testing of the low-level radiofrequency control boards was successful. First articles of the helium circuit and thermal shield for the cryomodules were received.


In Hall A, the commissioning of the PREX experiment E06-002, measuring the neutron radius in 208Pb to 1 percent, is progressing smoothly. Both the upgrades of the beam polarimeters have been shown to be successful. Production data taking is expected to start shortly.

Nuclear Science and Engineering Scholarships and Fellowships
DOE is offering scholarships and fellowships as part of its efforts to recruit and train the next generation of nuclear scientists and engineers. The Nuclear Energy University Programs (NEUP) will provide approximately $5 million for scholarships and fellowships for students enrolled in two-year, four-year and graduate engineering and science programs related to nuclear energy. Undergraduate scholarships will average $5,000 per year, and the maximum award for fellowships will be $50,000 per year. Applications are due by April 26. DOE anticipates notifying students by June 2010 of its selections with awards planned for July 2010.


The accelerator was running well, with low trip rates. The optics in the injector was optimized. Hall A line optics was matched for small beam size. Over the weekend, the air hose to Hall A vacuum valve VBV1H00 disconnected and was reconnected; iocin1mag crashed and was recovered. Both events caused some down time. On Monday, a spin dance was performed to optimize the beam polarization for Hall A.

Free-Electron Laser

The FEL team spent the week setting up the injector and re-establishing proper beam operation conditions. Several studies on the phase stability of various components in the injector were performed. The team progressed to the point that the linac is properly phased, but more work is needed on the magnetic matching.

JLab's Safety Numbers

22 Days since Last Recordable Accident (JLab record: 331)
22 Days since Last Lost Workday Accident (JLab record: 676)

JLab Calendar of Events

April 14-15: AVS Mid-Atlantic chapter meeting and short course
April 21: JLab Teachers Science Night
April 29: Safety Shoe Vendor onsite
May 1: Jefferson Lab Open House
May 5: Colloquium and Public Lecture
May 12: JLab's 25th Annual Run-A-Round




Environment, Safety, Health & Quality

Your safety should always be your primary concern when attempting to fight a fire. Remember, JLab does not require its employees to fight fires unless they are trained to do so, act voluntarily, are assured of their own escape and are aware that the Fire Department has been called. Before deciding to fight a fire, be certain that:

  • The fire is small and not spreading. A fire can double in size within two or three minutes.
  • You have the proper fire extinguisher for what is burning.
  • The fire won't block your exit if you can't control it. A good way to ensure this is to keep the exit at your back.
  • You know your fire extinguisher works. Inspect extinguishers once a month for dents, leaks or other signs of damage. Assure the pressure is at the recommended level. On extinguishers equipped with a gauge, the needle should be in the green zone - not too high and not too low. Check that the pin and seal are intact.
  • You know how to use your fire extinguisher. There's not enough time to read instructions when a fire occurs.

JLab provides SAF108 Fire Safety training for those individuals who act as a fire watch or Safety Warden. It is a combination classroom and hands-on training where the student actually extinguishes a fire. You can register for the class online.

Computing and Networking Infrastructure

Redhat Enterprise Linux Version 3 Support Ending
Redhat is ceasing support for the Redhat Enterprise Linux 3 version of its operating system this fall. As a result, JLab will also end RHEL3 support soon thereafter. If you are running a RHEL3 system, plan to upgrade to Redhat Enterprise Linux 5 by the end of the summer. If you have questions, e-mail or call the IT Helpdesk, x7155.


Last Chance to Vote for JLab's 2010 T-Shirt Design
Vote now to help select the design for Jefferson Lab's 2010 T-shirt. The winning design will be unveiled at the lab's annual Run-A-Round, which is scheduled for May 12. All JLab computer account holders are permitted one vote per account holder. Voting is open through April 9. To view the designs and cast your vote, go to the JAG website.

JSA Research Assistantship Offered
JLab is seeking SURA university student candidates for a research assistantship. The position provides an opportunity for a minority undergraduate student to work on projects that are part of the lab’s research program or directly related to the scientific or engineering aspects of the research program. This assistantship is funded by the JSA Initiatives Fund Program and will provide funds to support the student at the university during the 2010-2011 academic year. Nominations must be submitted by the faculty sponsor before the student may apply. Faculty sponsors may obtain more information and submit their nomination online.

Lunch Seminar: Driving Ahead in Challenging Times
Learn how to survive these difficult economic times. This seminar focuses on maintaining personal effectiveness amid current challenges. Bring your own brown bag or cafeteria lunch to CEBAF Center room F113, noon-1 p.m. on Tuesday, April 20. To reserve your space, call DeLisa Stanfield at x6999 or Bruce Ullman at x7170. Reserve your space soon, limited seats are available. This seminar will be facilitated by Optima's Employee Assistance Program.

Lecture on Light at ODU
Sir Michael Berry, a popular speaker about mathematics and physics, will deliver a public lecture at Old Dominion University on Monday, April 12. Berry's presentation, "Making Light of Mathematics," will begin at 7 p.m. in the E.V. Williams Engineering and Computational Sciences Building's first floor auditorium. There is no charge for the lecture.

TIAA-CREF Counseling Sessions
TIAA-CREF will offer individual counseling sessions onsite on May 20-21. In these sessions, employees can discuss their personal financial situation with a TIAA-CREF consultant on a confidential basis. To discuss your plan and options for managing your retirement savings or to schedule an appointment with a TIAA-CREF Individual Consultant, call TIAA-CREF at (800) 732-8353, M-F, from 9 a.m.-8 p.m.

Free Seminar on Vacuum
Varian, Inc., will conduct a free seminar titled "Fundamentals of Ultra-High Vacuum," on April 28, 9 a.m.-3 p.m. in ARC 231-3. To register, e-mail DeLisa Stanfield.

Interested in Golf?
Come out and join the JLab Golf League. League continues through September. Team members play Monday evenings at Newport News Golf Club, starting at around 4:30 p.m. No experience is necessary. If you are interested and would like more information, ask one of the people already in the Golf League or call Danny Machie, x7501. Check out additional details and see who is already in the Golf League at the Golf League webpage.