Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs January 21, 2009

Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs

January 21, 2009


JSA Accepting Applications for Graduate Fellowships at JLab
JSA will award up to eight fellowships to doctoral students at SURA member universities for research related to JLab. Interested applicants should download and complete the application form and provide the reference form to three individuals for letters of recommendation. Details and an application can be found online. Applications are due by Feb. 15.

JSA Accepting Applications for Sabbatical and Research Leave Support at JLab
JSA will award living expense support for up to two faculty members from SURA member universities who will be on sabbatical or research leave at JLab. Awardees must undertake full-time research at JLab for the duration of an award. Interested applicants should visit the Jefferson Science Associates, LLC, website for more information and application instructions. Application materials are due by Feb. 15.


The accelerator has been running well with the electron gun configured at 85 kV. The cavities have also performed well, with low trip rates. The cold weather caused a supply water pipe to freeze and a valve to leak at the End Station Refrigerator. The leak was found and repaired over the weekend, interrupting beam delivery for a couple of hours.

Free-Electron Laser (FEL)

The FEL is performing reasonably well; FEL staff spent the week addressing several measurement tasks in the Office of Naval Research and Joint Technology Office statements of work. Key measurements were performed on optical gain of the system, as well as low energy injection. Setup for 0.9 micron lasing was begun. Some measurements were also made on a new approach for FEL outcoupling with a broadband scraper that looks very advantageous at low-average power.

Theory Center

The nucleon, Σ and Ξ octet baryon electromagnetic form factors and the effects of SU(3) flavor symmetry breaking are studied in a new, unquenched lattice QCD calculation (arXiv:0812.4456 [hep-lat]) with (2+1) quark flavors. The charge radii and magnetic moments are extrapolated using three-flavor heavy-baryon chiral perturbation theory, finding the known octet values to be less than four standard deviations from experiment, with the discrepancies possibly due to remaining chiral and continuum extrapolation errors. The radii of the Σ+ and Ξ- baryons are predicted to be 0.67(5) and 0.306(15) fm2, respectively.

JLab's Safety Numbers

16 Days since Last Recordable Accident (JLab record: 331)
133 Days since Last Lost Workday Accident (JLab record: 676)

JLab Calendar of Events

Jan. 23: American Red Cross Blood Drive
Jan. 26-30: PAC 34
Feb. 7: Virginia Regional High School Science Bowl




Environment, Safety, Health & Quality

On Jan. 5, a kitchen worker received first-degree burns to her left hand while cooking. She immediately obtained medical help and reported the event to her supervisor. Certain details of this event make it a recordable injury, our first in FY09. A DOE CAIRS (Computerized Accident and Incident Reporting System) entry has been initialized, as well as a Jefferson Lab Notable Event.

The 2008 OSHA Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses is posted on Insight. This summary classifies recordable injuries across Jefferson Lab for calender year 2008.  There were a total of three cases for the 12-month period, resulting in 18 cumulative days away from work and 71 days of work restriction.

Additionally, a "Lesson Learned" document concerning unplanned Oxygen Deficiency Hazard (ODH) horn disassembly was posted for sitewide viewing. This lesson deals with the prevention of self withdrawal of side-set screws, which provide structural integrity for the ODH horn unit. This lesson was also submitted to the DOE database for complex-wide distribution.

Computing and Networking Infrastructure (CNI)

JLab Computer Purchasing Policy (EPEAT)
To improve energy efficiency and to meet new contract requirements, when purchasing a desktop computer, laptop computer or computer monitor, only Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) registered products rated SILVER or above may be procured. A list of approved systems for purchase is available online. If you have any questions, contact Andy Kowalski at or x6224.


All Radiation Workers: General Access RWP
The new General Access RWP for 2009 is now in effect. You must read and electronically sign this document by Jan. 31 to continue to have access to the accelerator site. The RWP is accessible on the web-based training webpage. The document number is KD0003. If you have trouble with the sign-up process or have any other questions, contact Keith Welch or Becky Mosbrucker.

Tech Stockroom Reopens Feb. 1
The JLab Technical Stockroom is set to reopen Feb. 1 under the management of Bill Brisiel in Facilities Management & Logistics. This change will provide a greater variety of commonly needed materials onsite. Click for more information.

Come Out and Play on the JLab Softball Team
All are invited to try their hand with a bat and glove. JLab is forming its 2008 coed team to play in the York County Parks and Recreation Industrial League. Games are played Friday evenings at Chisman Field. Each week, two hour-long games are played. Please bring a glove and eagerness to play. Practices will likely begin in late March, with games scheduled to begin in April. So come join us for some coed fun. To sign up, contact Kandice Carter by Friday, Jan. 30.

Be a BEAMS Volunteer!
BEAMS needs volunteers over the next few weeks to help with or lead the following activities: The Solar System, Cold Stuff and Go-Far Cars. For more info or to volunteer, contact Christine Wheeler, Science Education, or x7560.

Time to Update Federal, State Tax Withholdings
If you have had a life change – marriage, divorce, birth of a child, loss of a dependent, or change in exempt status – since you last filed a Form W-4, Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate, you may want to file an amended Form W-4 with JLab’s Payroll Department. Additionally, those employees who claimed “exempt” from withholding for 2008 must complete a new Form W-4 by Feb. 15 to keep their exempt status.

Employees can view their current withholding exemptions and make changes through the Employee Self Service System (ESS). The forms are also available on the Internal Revenue Service and Virginia Department of Taxation websites. The Commonwealth of Virginia VA-4 Personal Exemption Worksheet is also available online. For additional assistance, contact Sharon Hay at x7620, or Janet Smith at x7503.

TIAA-CREF Retirement Counseling Sessions
Individual counseling sessions are booked up for February, March and April; waiting list signup is available for those dates. Slots are still available for May 14-15. To sign up for an appointment, go to the TIAA-CREF website, click on Meetings & Counseling and follow the menu. The sessions will be held in VARC 42.

American Red Cross Blood Drive
The next American Red Cross Blood Drive is scheduled for Friday, Jan. 23 from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. in CEBAF Center, Room F113. New and repeat donors are encouraged to attend. Appointments and walk-ins are welcome. Contact Johnie Banks at x7539 or to schedule an appointment or to volunteer. Click the link to view eligibility guidelines.

HRSD Seeks Applications for Pollution Prevention Award
The Hampton Roads Sanitation District seeks applications for the 2008 HRSD Pollution Prevention Awards, recognizing industrial and commercial dischargers for outstanding multi-media P2 efforts. HRSD seeks nominations that look beyond traditional treatment, control and disposal methods, and instead, focuses on source reduction techniques (ways to avoid generating waste). Emphasis is on wastewater discharges, but other media (air and land) are given strong consideration. If you have a submission suggestion, contact Linda Even at x7308 or by Friday, Jan. 30. You will need to provide a description of the project, program or technology.



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