Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs October 16, 2013

Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs
October 16, 2013


AIP Seeks Applicants for State Department Fellowship
The American Institute of Physics is seeking applicants for its 2014-2015 State Department Science Fellowship. This is an opportunity for scientists to make a unique and substantial contribution to the foreign policy process by spending a year working at the U.S. State Department. The application deadline is Nov. 1. Details and application information can be found on the AIP website.

Center for Theoretical and Computational Physics

The Jefferson Lab Angular Momentum (JAM) Collaboration has released the first results of a new global next-to-leading order analysis of spin-dependent parton distribution functions from the most recent data on inclusive polarized deep-inelastic scattering. It is the first such analysis to systematically include target mass and higher twist corrections to the g1 and g2 structure functions and nuclear smearing corrections for deuterium and 3He data. The study explores the effects of Q2 and W2 cuts in the data sets, and the potential impact of future data from Jefferson Lab and elsewhere on the behavior of the spin-dependent parton distributions at large momentum fractions x.


The Installation and Vacuum groups are wrapping up their work on the accelerator ring portion of the 12 GeV Upgrade and getting ready for run number 1. All accelerator ring magnets are installed, beamline fabrication and installation is complete, vacuum leak checking and pump down are nearing completion. Low-conductivity water plumbing installation is being completed in the transport recombiner and the line D tunnel ramp. Penetrations are being filled back up with stone and sealed. Hot checkout of the magnet LCW system has been completed for the ring, with just punch list items left to complete. The Vacuum group hot checkout process is well under way and will continue to support the first machine run.

JLab Calendar of Events

Oct. 18: JAG Fall Golf outing
Oct. 21: Safety Shoe vendor onsite
Oct. 21-22: QCD Frontier Workshop
Oct. 22-23: Accelerator Readiness Review
Oct. 23-26: APS Division of Nuclear Physics 2013 Fall Meeting
Oct. 29: JAG Tailgate Picnic
Oct. 30: American Red Cross Blood Drive
Nov. 20-23: CLAS Collaboration Meeting
Nov. 28-29: Thanksgiving Holiday, Lab closed

Computing and Networking Infrastructure

Copying and Printing Conservation of Resources
Jefferson Lab has printed and copied more documents in the last month than prior months. This is straining printing/copying resources during a time of lean budgets. Everyone is asked to conserve resources and to consider printing or copying only what is essential for your work. If you feel that you do need to print something, consider saving resources with the following tips:
- Be sure to use duplex (two-sided printing, set as default);
- Print multiple pages on a single sheet of paper (available in the layout section of your print dialog);
- Make only black & white (B&W) prints/copies (set as default for printing); and
- Consider scan-to-email documents as PDFs instead of making paper copies.


Flu Vaccine Available
Occupational Medicine is now taking appointments from Jefferson Lab staff for Influenza vaccinations. If you would like to be vaccinated, contact Occupational Medicine, x7539, to schedule an appointment. Remember that for 15 minutes after vaccination, you should remain at Jefferson Lab, in the presence of other people and avoid safety-sensitive activities, including driving.

Robotics Team Needs a Coach
The FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) organization stages robotic competitions among teams of students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Denbigh High School has some students interested in this activity, and they are looking for a coach for the team. Coaches help to motivate youngsters into pursuing a college degree in the scientific and engineering fields; a technical background is not required. For more information, visit the FIRST website or contact Narciso Gomez.

BEAMS Seeks Volunteers for 15 Minute Role Model Visits
Jefferson Lab’s 5th grade Becoming Enthusiastic About Math and Science (BEAMS) program kicks off this month. An important part of the BEAMS experience is Role Model Visits; and Science Education is seeking lab volunteers to provide these 15-minute Role Model Visits for the students. During these informal visits, volunteers talk about their jobs, their education or job training, how they wound up at Jefferson Lab, and the aspects of their jobs that they most enjoy, etc. For more information on the visits and volunteering, see the full announcement.

United Way Campaign Underway
The United Way annual fundraising campaign at Jefferson Lab continues. Hard copies of the donation form are available at the Support Service Center and CEBAF Center reception desks. They may also be picked up at the United Way Raffle ticket sales table in the CEBAF Center lobby daily during lunch. Send or deliver completed forms to Joshua Cameron in CEBAF Center, Room B214, Mail Stop 12-B, by Friday, Nov. 1. Questions may be directed to Joshua Cameron, x7628.

Tracking Thomas at Jefferson Lab
Little Thomas is visiting all corners of the Jefferson Lab campus. If you can identify his location this week, email Kandice Carter with your guess. Guesses are accepted through Friday.

Damon Rath and Silvia Niccolai correctly guessed the location for October 9. Honorable mentions go to Casey Heck and Narciso Gomez. Check out Tracking Thomas on flickr for a better view of his last location and this week's new mystery photo.

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