Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs September 23, 2015

Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs
September 23, 2015

12 GeV Upgrade

Conventional Facilities scope is 99.7 percent complete. On the Tunnel Air Conditioning project, the final closeout items include completion of remaining punchlist items outside of the tunnel, submission of project documentation (such as commissioning report and as-built drawings), connection of water meters to electronic central system, and final payment. On the Backup Cooling Towers at the North and South Access Buildings, the final project closeout items are the as-built drawings.


Jefferson Lab Published Journal Articles, Sept. 14-18

  • Jay Van Orden, et al. "Coincidence charged-current neutrino-induced deuteron disintegration." Phys. Rev. D 92, 053006.
  • Tech Note: Jay Benesch. "Fifteen degree bend dipole finite electromagnetic (FEM) model and variations thereon." JLAB-TN-15-037.

Remember to submit your papers for approval to the Jefferson Lab Publications database.

Center for Theoretical and Computational Physics

A new paper on the pion form factor in the covariant spectator theory produced the unexpected result that new contributions, required by charge conjugation symmetry, were large but did not alter the shape of the form factor. Therefore, after normalizing the form factor, the new results are essentially identical to the original calculation, giving a prediction that agrees with the data for large pion masses (around 400 MeV) but has the wrong shape for physical pion masses. The next step is to calculate the missing contributions coming from dressing the quark current and the pion wave functions to higher orders.

Jefferson Lab Calendar of Events

Sept. 28-Oct. 2: International Workshop on Beam Cooling and Related Topics
Oct. 2: United Way Pledge Campaign begins
Oct. 5-7: MEIC Collaboration Meeting
Oct. 8-10: GlueX Collaboration Meeting
Oct. 26-28: HPS Collaboration Meeting

Environment, Health, Safety and Quality

Unsafe Acts
When reviewing safety records, several behaviors stand out as frequent causes of safety issues. If you engage in these types of behaviors, you may be setting yourself or your coworkers up for either an accident and/or injury. Do your best to keep your workplace safe and avoid unsafe acts with these general guidelines:

  • Never use equipment that your have not been trained or authorized;
  • Do not work too fast for the equipment or conditions;
  • Do not take safety guards off to work;
  • Do not use a tool that you know is defective;
  • Never use the wrong tool for the job;
  • Do not service a machine or mechanical tool while it is running;
  • Never lift something the wrong way; or
  • Skip the personal protective equipment required for a job.

Remember, you aren't guaranteed a second chance to do the job safely.


Jefferson Lab to Kick off 2015 United Way Campaign with Picnic on Oct. 2
Jefferson Lab’s pledge campaign to support the annual fundraising appeal for the United Way of the Virginia Peninsula kicks off with a picnic 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 2. The fundraiser picnic will take place in the CEBAF Center lobby and cafeteria dining area. Hot dogs, hamburgers, veggie burgers, and assorted canned soda and chips will be available for $1 per item to raise money for the United Way and will be served by Jefferson Lab senior management. See the all-staff memo for more information and a link to the United Way pledge form.

Radworker I and Radworker II Classes Offered in October
A full-day Radiation Worker I class is scheduled for Monday, Oct. 12, and a half-day Radiation Worker II class is scheduled for the morning of Tuesday, Oct. 20. The classes will be taught in the ARC, exact location TBD. To attend the class, register through the Learning Management System or by contacting Maya Keller at x6021.

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