Q4 Role (Technical Staff) Demographic Focus Group Meeting

  • Q4 Role (Technical Staff) Demographic Focus Group Meeting
    2021-09-14EDT13:00:00 ~ 2021-09-14EDT14:00:00
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Sponsor: Andrei Seryi, Associate Director, Accelerator Division

No advance registration is required to participate in this meeting.

This meeting is intended to reach technical staff at the lab, but all are welcome to join. Participants will learn of the action plans the lab is or will be taking in response to feedback shared during the Q2 listening sessions based on the 2020 Inclusion Survey results. Leadership Sponsor Andrei Seryi will spend the majority of the meeting reviewing specific action plans from this demographic group.

The lab-wide approved actions and agendas for all Q4 focus group meetings can be found on the DEI Council Webpage here: https://www.jlab.org/human_resources/diversity/culture

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Gina Lawson
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