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  • When, in January 2016, I told Secretary Moniz that I would be standing down, he pointed out that he had done 100 months as director of Bates Laboratory at MIT and that I should at least match that. Coincidentally that would have also taken me to the end of Moniz’s term as Secretary of Energy. In fact, when I step down at the end of March it will have been 103 months at the helm, a very exciting period of my life.

    I started my term as Director of Jefferson Lab on September 2, 2008.

  • France and the French have been involved in this local area for a number of years. In 1781, the French Army, led by Compte de Rochambeau, helped the Continental Army of George Washington defeat the British in the Siege of/Battle of Yorktown. While my sentiments with respect to that event are mixed, I have no such equivocation with respect to Thursday’s event.

  • Most of the Montage articles I have posted have addressed a single subject. This is different; I have a number of subjects I will try to cover which characterize the current menu of activities at the Lab.

    We ran CEBAF during May to provide data for the proton radius (PRAD) experiment, and indeed completed the experiment. During the summer period, we limit operations to benefit from the electricity charge structures provided by Dominion Power. It has become traditional to concentrate on remedial and maintenance work. A good example is the next step in the gradient maintenance program. The refurbishment of one of the cryomodules by the teams in the SRF Institute has been completed and the module tested. Today, this module has been installed in the CEBAF tunnel, and there is every expectation that it will contribute significantly to the gradient capability of the machine.

  • A little less than a year ago, I wrote a Montage article entitled Spring Challenges. I could almost have used the same title for this article and, indeed, there have been a number of developments over the past few months that could merit comment. Nevertheless, at a laboratory like ours, there has to be a focus on running the accelerator for physics, and so that becomes the lens through which life is viewed.

  • Over the past nearly two years, there has been enormous activity, a burst of construction, close to the laboratory. For example we see the opening of the retail center dubbed Market Place@Tech Center and a flurry of other building very close to the laboratory.

    What is going on? What does this mean for the lab? What does this mean for the electron-ion collider? These are a few of the questions that I am sure you have been asking yourselves, and they are certainly questions asked in various presentations to the Users Group and at All Hands meetings. In this note, I will try to provide an abridged response.

  • You will recall that in the fall of 2015, I wrote a Montage about the intent to develop an Integrated Diversity and Inclusion program. The Diversity and Inclusion Council, under Chairpersons Mary Logue and Rolf Ent, has been working in collaboration with the Public Affairs office on several initiatives, which will soon go public. One of the very interesting but pernicious effects which, to a greater or lesser degree, we all are susceptible to is implicit bias. We are also looking to provide training for supervisors and also to enhance the information provided to people involved in the hiring process, which would include cultural context, gender communications, as well as implicit bias.

  • Our upgrade project is called the 12 GeV CEBAF Upgrade Project.

    At the time CD-4A was achieved, we demonstrated 2.2 GeV per pass. This was 12 GeV! Well, not quite. In fact with more than one pass, we limited ourselves to a little more than 6 GeV with three passes, and to 10.5 GeV with 5.5 passes. It was not felt to be prudent to demand 12 GeV out of the machine immediately after turn on.

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