Theory Seminar: Alba Soto Ontoso

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Speaker: Alba Soto Ontoso (CERN)

Title: Precision QCD at LHC energies

Abstract: The Large Hadron Collider is currently running at its highest energy and luminosity. To maximally exploit the potential of this precise dataset to uncover physics beyond the Standard Model, it is of crucial importance to develop tools that faithfully characterise the QCD background. Parton showers lie at the core of general purpose Monte Carlo event generators. They aim at correctly describing the phase-space for QCD branchings across disparate energy scales. A natural question, largely overlooked in the literature, is up to which degree of logarithmic accuracy do parton showers meet this goal. In this talk, I will introduce recent efforts by the PanScales collaboration to establish the criteria that a parton shower should satisfy in order to reach a given logarithmic accuracy. Then, I will present the design and implementation of next-to-leading logarithmic accurate parton showers both in electron-positron annihilation and hadron collisions. I will conclude with some exploratory studies about the phenomenological impact of these highly-precise showers.