Upgraded Injector Test Facility (UITF)

The Upgraded Injector Test Facility (UITF) at Jefferson Lab is a compact SRF linear accelerator that can provide spin polarized electron beam at energy up to 10 MeV.  Located in the high bay of building 58 on the Jefferson Lab campus, the space was originally used by the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) for space radiation physics experiments.  In the 1980s, its first official Jefferson Lab function was to demonstrate the thermionic gun-based, three-beam, 5 MeV pre-injector for the Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility (CEBAF). In the decades that followed, the space was used to develop new photoelectron guns and for photocathode studies.  Most recently, it was expanded - and upgraded to restore MeV beam production - to support the evaluation of the spin-polarized hydrogen target, HDIce, and to test the efficacy of removing harmful chemicals from drinking water.   

The UITF is an ‘agile’ test bed that can be quickly reconfigured to enable tests of new accelerator technologies, such as cryomodules, RF cavities, photocathodes, and polarimeters, and it provides a venue in which to perform low energy physics experiments with polarized electron beam.

     Matthew Poelker
     Facility Manager
     poelker@jlab.org, 757-269-7357