Center for Injectors and Sources

Center for Injectors and Sources (CIS)

Our vision is to create discovery-caliber research by building and operating electron photo-injectors which generate world-class polarized and unpolarized electron beams. This is achieved by a diverse scientific and technical staff leading ambitious R&D in injector technologies and through scientific collaboration and student mentorship.  Our work specializes in the technologies of dc-high voltage photoguns, XHV vacuum, high-power radio-frequency lasers, polarized and unpolarized photocathodes, electron beam polarimetry, novel applications of spin polarized beams, and the generation of magnetized or polarized positron beams.

     Joseph Grames
     CIS Department Head
     grames@jlab.org, 757-269-7097

     Riad Suleiman
     CIS Deputy Department Head
     suleiman@jlab.org, 757-269-7159