International School of Hadron Femtography

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Jefferson Lab
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Newport News, VA 23606

First International School of Hadron Femtography


The Center for Nuclear Femtography (CNF) and the Quark and Gluon Tomography collaboration (QGT) have joined forces to launch the inaugural School of Hadron Femtography. This specialized school will take place this fall from September 16 to September 25, at Jefferson Lab. The program is designed to offer comprehensive lectures aimed at early-career experimental and theoretical scientist, including graduate students and post-doctoral researchers, who are interested in or actively involved in Hadron Femtography.

The timing of this inaugural school is significant due to the recent advancements in our understanding of the internal structure of hadrons. We are on the brink of gaining insight into their three-dimensional makeup through Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) and for the first time we can access the mechanical structure of Hadrons. Crucially, ongoing and forthcoming experiments, such as the 12 GeV upgrade of Jefferson Lab and the prospective Electron-Ion Collider (EIC), are poised to propel this progress to unprecedented heights. This effort involves both experimental and theoretical progress, with key elements including Generalized Parton Distributions and Transverse-Momentum-Dependent Distributions, as well as the potential of first-principles lattice QCD calculations aided by advanced computational resources. Embracing these advancements presents an exciting opportunity for emerging nuclear physicists.

The school's overarching goal is to provide comprehensive training covering pivotal experimental, computational and theoretical developments in hadron femtography, demonstrating how these components synergize to reveal the intricate three-dimensional structure of hadrons and their mechanical properties. The curriculum will feature a series of focused lectures encompassing essential experimental, theoretical and computational aspects, led by esteemed experts in the field. Facilitating in-depth discussions among participants and expert lecturers, the curriculum will delve into key topics such as:

  • QCD Analysis - Theory & Experiment
  • Processes, DVCS, DVMP and multiparticle final states
  • Lattice QCD
  • Imaging Structure & Dynamics
  • GPD analysis as an Inverse problem
  • Experimental methodologies
  • AI for nuclear femtography

Admission to the school is competitive and by application only. Successful candidates will be offered scholarships, jointly funded by CNF and QGT, to support their attendance. Students will reside on-site, fully immersed in an enriching environment that provides abundant opportunities for peer engagement, mentorship from lecturers, collaboration with JLab staff, and insights from visiting scientists.  We particularly encourage applications from under-represented groups.  Priority will be given to applications received by June 24th.

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Organizing Committee

Martha Constantinou | Temple U., Co-Chair
Latifa Elouadrhiri | Jefferson Lab, Co-Chair
Charles Hyde | ODU
Wally Melnitchouk | Jefferson Lab
David Richards | Jefferson Lab
Christian Weiss | Jefferson Lab

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