Conference Date
Conference Location

Jefferson Lab
12000 Jefferson Avenue
Newport News, VA 23606

SURA Center Nuclear Femtography

SURA Residence Facility
12006 Rattley Road
Newport News, Virginia


The Residence Facility, located adjacent to the Jefferson Lab, is operated by SURA, the owner of Jefferson Science Associates (JSA.) JSA is the DOE M&O contractor for the Jefferson Lab. The Residence Facility is a modern facility with 42 comfortable, private guest rooms and many guest services and amenities. This is a great option for those who do not have another form of transportation, as it is a quick five minute walk across the parking lot to CEBAF Center.

Thanks to funding from the QGT Topical Collaboration, supported by the DOE Office of Science and the Center for Nuclear Femtography we are able to support accepted applicants at the SURA Residence Facility in shared accommodations at no charge to the applicants.  A contribution toward meals will also be provided. Please note that all attendees will be sharing a room with another attendee.

Those needing local accommodations should please note this on the Application.