Accelerator Seminar: Charlie Reece Farewell

Conference Date
Conference Location

CC Auditorium

Title: Highlights from 42 Years on the SRF Trail

Speaker: Charles E. Reece

Abstract: The development and applications of superconducting rf technology for accelerators over the past 40 years have been dramatic. Pursuit of the possible drives inquiry. SRF is challenging for its multi-disciplinary character and its expensive pursuit of economy at the edge of the known. I’ve had the privilege of hiking this trail through multiple projects, technical issues, transformative successes, and persistent headaches. I’ll present a personal perspective gained along this trail, centered around JLab’s CEBAF evolution and contribution to other DOE missions, from the formative pre-CEBAF days, through green-field startup challenges, creation of new possibilities via deeper materials understanding and thoughtful process controls, and rich interactions with colleagues that make it all happen.