Accelerator Seminar: Taekyung Ki

Conference Date
Conference Location

TL 1227

Title: Introduction and SCL3 Cryogenic Commissioning (First Run) of Cryogenic Systems for RAON Accelerator

Speaker: Taekyung Ki

Abstract: In South Korea, a heavy ion accelerator (RAON) aims to supply not only rare isotype beams, but also stable heavy ions by using the Isotope Separation On-Line (ISOL), In-flight Fragment (IF) separator, and two Super Conducting Linacs (SCL3 and SCL2). SCL3 consists of cryomodules with two kinds of superconducting cavities (Quarter Wave Resonator, Half Wave Resonator). As the first phase of RAON, SCL3 is commissioned from 2022 at cryogenic temperature. SCL3 was cooled down to 4.5 K in October 2022. The beam acceleration at QWR sections was completed on Dec. 16th 2022 with the dedicated support from cryogenic system team. We had finished the 2 K cool-down on Jan. 11st 2023 successfully for HWR sections. We are keeping the 2 K condition stably in order to evaluate thermal/dynamic performance of cryogenic systems for RF/beam commissioning. With the effort and dedicated modifications, the first beam was delivered to the end of SCL3 in 23rd May 2023 and completed a first experiment at our experimental system for 3 days. All cryogenic systems could be operated for 9 months stably. In this talk, I will introduce our cryogenic systems for SCL3 and present the experience and lessons learned during the first run of RAON.