10CFR851 - Worker Safety and Health Program

What is the purpose of the rule?

  • The Rule requires that DOE contractor workers are provided with a workplace that is free from recognized hazards that can cause death or serious physical harm.
  • To accomplish this objective, the Rule establishes management and worker responsibilities, worker rights, safety and health standards, and required training.
  • The Rule replaces the Contractor Requirements Document (CRD) of DOE O 440.1A "Worker Protection Management for DOE Federal and Contractor Employees."

What does it mean to Jefferson Lab?

  • No work after compliance date of May 25, 2007 without an approved program
  • Ensure workplace is free of recognized hazards
  • Provide workers with adequate protection
  • Comply with workplace safety and health requirements (some new requirements, e.g. pressure safety)
  • Ensure work is performed in accordance with approved Worker Health and Safety Program (WHSP)
  • Internally report and investigate each occurrence, near miss that could cause death or serious injury.
  • Evaluate events for DOE reportability against 10CFR851 non-compliance
  • Civil penalties up to $70K per violation per day for continuing violations
  • Civil penalty mitigation for self identification and prompt reporting (50%) and for prompt and comprehensive corrective action (50%)
  • No mitigation for self-disclosing events