Dosimetry Application Page

In order to request a dosimeter, you must have a current JLab account with an email address.  But before you fill out the application, I’d like to take this opportunity to remind you of several facts and requirements related to the use of your dosimeter:

• Wear your dosimeter on the front portion of the trunk of the body, between the waist and the shoulders.
• Wear the dosimeter in approximately the same location every time.
• Wear the dosimeter on the outside of clothing with the front label visible.
• Wear the dosimeter whenever you enter a Radiologically Controlled Area (RCA).
• Store the dosimeter in its assigned rack; do not take it home or keep it at your desk.
• Inform the Dosimetry Office (Becky Mosbrucker, 757-269-7236) if you:
   o Have a medical/diagnostic administration of a radiopharmaceutical (ideally before the procedure, but at the very least before returning to work)
   o Are exposed to radiation at another facility
   o Lose/misplace or damage your dosimeter
   o Wish to change your dosimeter racking location
   o Have terminated your employment with Jefferson Lab.


If you have any questions, please email us at


On-line Dosimeter Request Form