An overhead view of Jefferson Lab.

An overhead view of Jefferson Lab showing the racetrack-shaped accelerator and experimental halls to the left.



-Jefferson Lab was created to build and operate the Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility, or CEBAF.

-Jefferson Lab is world-unique user facility for Nuclear Physics.

- Jefferson Lab's mission is to gain a deeper understanding of the structure of matter through advances in fundamental research in nuclear physics, and through advances in photon science and related research.

 - Jefferson Lab began experiments is 1995

- Jefferson Lab has 1,376 visiting scientists, or Users, who conduct research at the lab

- The lab as completed 174 experiments

-Jefferson Lab produces about 1/3 of Ph.D.s in Nuclear Physics in the U.S. (406 Ph.D.s granted, 180 more in progress)

-Jefferson Lab is managed for DOE by Jefferson Science Associates, LLC (JSA)

- Human capital: – 769 FTEs, 22 joint faculty, 27 post docs, 14 undergraduate students; 30 graduate students

- Jefferson Lab site is 169 acres

- Jefferson Lab includes 83 buildings & trailers; 748,888 square feet; replacement plant value is $331 million

- Fiscal Year 2011 total Lab operating costs:  $185.4 million.