MIT Radiation Laboratory Series

Note: These volumes are only accessible on site at Jefferson Lab. Please access the MIT Radiation series via the Explorer browser.

Note: If you have problems opening any of the files, right click on the link and choose to save the file locally.

Volume 1 - Radar System Engineering - Louis N. Ridenour

Volume 2 - Radar Aids to Navigation - John S. Hall

Volume 3 - Radar Beacons - Arthur Roberts

Volume 4 - LORAN, Long Range Navigation - J. A. Pierce, A. A. McKenzie, and R. H. Woodward

Volume 5 - Pulse Generators - G. N. Glasoe and J. V. Lebacqz

Volume 6 - Microwave Magnetrons - George B. Collins

Volume 7 - Klystrons and Microwave Triodes - Donald R. Hamilton, Julian K. Knipp, and J. B. Horner Kuper

Volume 8 - Principles of Microwave Circuits - C. G. Montgomery, R. H. Dicke, and E. M. Purcell

Volume 9 - Microwave Transmission Circuits - George L. Ragan

Volume 10 - Waveguide Handbook - N. Marcuvitz

Volume 11 - Technique of Microwave Measurements - Carol G. Montgomery

Volume 12 - Microwave Antenna Theory and Design - Samuel Silver

Volume 13 - Propagation of Short Radio Waves - Donald E. Kerr

Volume 14 - Microwave Duplexers - Louis D. Smullin and Carol G. Montgomery

Volume 15 - Crystal Rectifiers - Henry C. Torrey and Charles A. Whitmer

Volume 16 - Microwave Mixers - Robert V. Pound

Volume 17 - Components Handbook - John F. Blackburn

Volume 18 - Vacuum Tube Amplifiers - George E. Valley, Jr. and Henry Wallman

Volume 19 - Waveforms - Britton Chance, Vernon Hughes, Edward F. MacNichol, Jr., David Sayre, and Frederic C. Williams

Volume 20 - Electronic Time Measurements - Britton Chance, Robert I. Hulsizer, Edward F. MacNichol, Jr., and Frederic C. Williams

Volume 21 - Electronic Instruments - Ivan A. Greenwood, Jr., J. Vance Holdam, Jr., and Duncan MacRae, Jr.

Volume 22 - Cathode Ray Tube Displays - Theodore Soller, Merle A. Star, and George E. Valley, Jr.

Volume 23 - Microwave Receivers - S. N. Van Voorhis

Volume 24 - Threshold Signals - James L. Lawson and George E. Uhlenbeck

Volume 25 - Theory of Servomechanisms - Hubert M. James, Nathaniel B. Nichols, and Ralph S. Phillips

Volume 26 - Radar Scanners and Radomes - W. M. Cady, M. B. Karelitz, and Louis A. Turner

Volume 27 - Computing Mechanisms and Linkages - Antonin Svoboda

Volume 28 - Index - Keith Henney, editor.

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