GMH: A Message Passing Toolkit for GPU Cluster

Driven by the market demand for high-definition 3D graphics, commodity graphics processing units (GPUs) have evolved into highly parallel, multi-threaded, many-core processors, which are ideal for data parallel computing. Many applications have been ported to run on a single GPU with tremendous speedups using general C-style programming languages such as CUDA. However, large applications require multiple GPUs and demand explicit message passing. A message passing toolkit, called GMH (GPU Message Handler), on NVIDIA GPUs, has been developed by HPC group. This toolkit utilizes a data-parallel thread group as a way to map multiple GPUs on a single host to an MPI rank, and introduces a notion of virtual GPUs as a way to bind a thread to a GPU automatically. This toolkit provides high performance MPI style point-to-point and collective communication, but more importantly, facilitates event-driven APIs to allow an application to be managed and executed by the toolkit at runtime.

Please check out GMH package readme file for further detail. The complete source code can be downloaded from jlab ftp site. The design and implementation detail can be found in this paper.





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