Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs April 19, 2017

Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs
April 19, 2017

Advocacy Participation Reminder for Employees

Lab Leadership would like to remind JSA employees who choose to participate in advocacy activities, such as the upcoming March for Science, that they do so in their capacity as private citizens and not as representatives of JSA, Jefferson Lab, or the U.S. Department of Energy; this includes the display of branded materials and attire. In keeping with JSA policy, employees must refer all media inquiries to the Jefferson Lab Communications Office. If you have any questions, please contact the Communications Manager, Lauren Hansen, at or x7689.

12 GeV Upgrade

Work to recover the suspension link failure for the Hall B Solenoid magnet is nearly complete. All eight of the "pockets" that carry the suspension system that supports the cold mass were removed from the central cryostat shell and re-worked. The central cryostat shell has since been put in place again over the magnet’s cold mass. After the pockets were checked for vacuum tightness, the load transfer of the cold mass weight from the current temporary support structure to the cryostat proper was successfully completed, thus retiring a technical risk for the project. Work on attaching the remaining sections (ends and bore tube) of the magnet radiation shield and the closure of the cryostat is starting. Hall B technicians and engineering staff continue to complete as much as possible of the remaining work at Jefferson Lab to expedite final installation upon arrival of the magnet.    


Jefferson Lab Published Journal Articles, April 9-15

  • Mauro Anselmino, Mariaelena Boglione, Umberto D'Alesio, Francesco Murgia, Alexei Prokudin. "Study of the sign change of the Sivers function from STAR Collaboration W/Z production data." J. High Energ. Phys. 2017: 46.
  • A.V. Radyushkin. "Nonperturbative evolution of parton quasi-distributions." Phys. Lett. B 767, 314.
  • Zhihong Ye, Nobuo Sato, Kalyan Allada, Tianbo Liu, Jian-Ping Chen, Haiyan Gao, Zhong-Bo Kang, Alexei Prokudin, Peng Sun, Feng Yuan. "Unveiling the nucleon tensor charge at Jefferson Lab: A study of the SoLID case." Phys. Lett. B 767, 91.
  • Frank Winter, Boram Yoon, Y.-C. Jang, Rajan Gupta, T. Bhattacharya, Jeremy Green, Balint Joo, H.-W.Lin, Konstantinos Orginos, David Richards, Sergey Syritsyn.  (Nucleon Matrix Elements (NME) Collaboration). "Isovector charges of the nucleon from 2+1-flavor QCD with clover fermions." Phys. Rev. D 95, 074508.
  • Shaoyang Jia and M. R. Pennington. "Landau-Khalatnikov-Fradkin transformation for the fermion propagator in QED in arbitrary dimensions." Phys. Rev. D 95, 076007.

Remember to submit your papers for approval to the Jefferson Lab Publications database.

JSA Young Scientist Program Now Accepting Applications
The JSA Promising Young Scientist program is accepting applications for the 2017-2018 academic year. The program, which is funded by the JSA Initiatives Fund, will assist candidates to prepare for faculty interviews by traveling to a host institution to present a talk and participate in a mock interview. The candidates will also have an opportunity to teach a class session. The application deadline is 5 p.m. on Friday, May 12. For more information, see the full announcement.

DOE Office of Science Graduate Student Research Program Is Accepting Applications
The goal of the Office of Science Graduate Student Research program is to prepare graduate students for science, technology, engineering or mathematics careers critically important to the DOE Office of Science mission. The program provides supplemental funds for graduate awardees to conduct part of their thesis research at a host DOE laboratory in collaboration with a DOE laboratory scientist within a defined award period, typically three months-one year. The application deadline is 5 p.m. on Tuesday, May 16.
Photo Trivia for Records and Information Management Month

Janet Prater is the week three Starbucks gift card winner in the Raiders of the Lost Archives Photo Identification Trivia! Week four photos are posted in the CEBAF Center atrium. Take a moment, look at the photos, and identify a new batch of people, places and things! Each photo on display will correspond to a field on forms provided or online at Complete and drop off the paper forms in the box, which will be available during the entry period. Forms with the most correctly completed fields will be placed in a weekly drawing for a Starbucks gift card, courtesy of the Jefferson Lab Archives staff. For those who are unable to identify any of the individuals or objects, you can still play along and fill out the forms to the best of your knowledge. At the end of April, all forms received will be eligible for the last drawing gift card.

Entry periods will be as follows:
Wednesday, April 19 through Tuesday, April 25
Wednesday, April 26 through Tuesday, May 2

Winners will be announced in the subsequent JLab Weekly Briefs. Prize can be picked up from the library. If you have any questions about the trivia challenge, contact Kim Edwards at

Week 1 results
Week 2 results
Week 3 results

Center for Theoretical and Computational Physics

In a new paper, the nucleon isovector axial charge gA was computed within lattice QCD. Careful study of all systematic errors was performed and statistical errors were reduced through a combination of a novel construction of the correlation functions and a high-statistics calculation. The final result, gA = 1.278(21)(26), agrees well with the experimental value, where the first uncertainty comes from the statistical and systematic uncertainties from fitting, and the second is a systematic error due to the model used for the extrapolations to the chiral and continuum limits.

Environment, Safety, Health and Quality

New Jefferson Lab Safety Culture Survey Questions
A lot of information about the safety program and culture at Jefferson Lab has been collected through the ESH&Q Division's semi-annual Jefferson Lab Safety Culture Survey. The division would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has taken the surveys for their effort and thoughtful input. Every survey was reviewed and discussed with Laboratory Leadership, patterns emerged from the data, and the survey led to changes in the program.

However, after 11 cycles of the same questions, the responses have plateaued. To keep improving, the division has developed a new survey. The significantly changed questions now focus more on characteristics critical to a positive and improving safety culture, such as the quality of incident investigations, management interactions, and the actions and effects of individuals. Plus, the new survey is shorter!

On April 13, all JSA staff received an email request to take the new survey. The survey is your chance to provide your thoughtful insight and enable further improvement. If you haven't done so already, you're encouraged to take the survey at your earliest convenience using the link in the notification email. A reminder email will be sent out to anyone who has not completed the survey on Thursday, April 20.


Power Outage May Affect Your Afternoon Commute
Due to a power outage earlier this afternoon, the traffic signals on major streets near Jefferson Lab have been malfunctioning and could cause delay for travelers entering and exiting the lab.

Reminder: April 26 All-Hands Meeting
Jefferson Lab Director Stuart Henderson will lead an all-hands meeting on Wednesday, April 26, in the CEBAF Center auditorium. To accommodate the laboratory community, there will be two sessions. See the full memo for suggested attendance times.

Quark Cafe Update: Elite Offers New Items
The new vendor has been working diligently to offer new items in the cafe. Stop by and check out some of the new and convenient grab-and-go items. Soon, the cafe will also have many varieties of healthy nut offerings, as well as more sweet offerings for that sweet tooth! As always, the vendor appreciates any feedback that the Jefferson Lab community can provide to help vendor staff serve you better. Feel free to stop in and offer cafe team members your suggestions, or you can email them directly to Vincent Savage.

Jefferson Lab Travelers and Travel Coordinators: New System Debuts May 1
The Travel Services and MIS departments are excited to announce the implementation of the Electronic Expense Report (EER) system, which will debut May 1. All travelers are welcome to attend a training session for the new system, which is set for April 28 at 10 a.m. in CEBAF Center room L102. The training session will focus on the entire EER process, and it is geared toward Travel Coordinators and travelers who prepare their own expense reports. Note: If your expense reports are prepared by a Travel Coordinator, you will begin receiving emails for your review of expense reports via the EER system (requiring electronic approval or rejection), starting May 1. The link provides an example of the email that you will receive and a sample expense report. If you have questions related to travel or the EER system, contact Jenita Everett at x7438.

Vendor Fair Set for April 20
All members of the Jefferson Lab community are invited to the 2017 Small Business Outreach Fair. More than two dozen vendors and several manufacturing representatives will be set up in the CEBAF Center lobby, and in rooms L102 and F113 – showing off their wares, handing out samples and give-aways, and answering questions about their products and services. The event is set for Thursday, April 20, 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Refreshments will be available in room F113 throughout the event. For more information, contact Jami Anthony or see the calendar entry.

Jefferson Lab Calendar of Events

April 20: JSA's 2017 Small Business Outreach Fair
April 28-29: USQCD All-Hands Meeting
May 2-5: Future Trends in Nuclear Physics Computing
May 15: Safety Shoe Vendor on-site
May 15-17: GlueX Collaboration
May 17: JAG Run-A-Round
May 17-19: Software Carpentry Workshop
May 22-26: QCD Evolution 2017
May 29: Memorial Day holiday (Jefferson Lab closed)

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