Telephone Services

The lab has implemented an access code system that identifies the originator of long distance calls and allows dialing from any onsite phones. Users needing to make long distance calls have the following options:

Option 1: Five-Digit Access Dialing

For Users who wish to have long-distance dialing access, a 5-digit access authorization code will be assigned to you. When activated, within two business days, the code will allow you to access long-distance dialing from any phone on site. (Users that need to call overseas must have their group leader's authorization.) Upon activation, the JLab Telecommunications office will contact you with your 5-digit code.

Users who are willing to accept responsibility for all personal charges incurred need to complete the JLab User Telephone Services form. Once completed, return or fax the form to the User Liaison office. The form is available online in PDF format. (Note: you may apply for an access code prior to arrival)

Option 2: Pre-Paid Phone Card

Alternatively, Users may purchase prepaid phone cards at the SURA Residence Facility or other sources. These cards allow you to call from the U.S. to virtually anywhere in the world from any touch-tone telephone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The card is intended for long distance dialing including international use. International rates vary by country. Lab staff are required to authenticate their phone calls (business / personal) in the same manner. JLab reserves the right to verify destinations of all calls indicated as lab business.

For emergencies, users without a 5-digit code or overseas access authorization may contact the User Liaison office for assistance.

For additional information, please contact User Liaison at (757) 269-6388 or or stop by CEBAF Center room L111.