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Join Jefferson Lab and other local science and technology institutions at Brooks Crossing on Friday, Dec. 13, as we light the night with free and fun STEM activities
Simonetta Liuti is recognized for her inexhaustible dedication to femtography research and guiding the next generation of physicists
Physicists get closer to solving the proton radius puzzle with unique new measurement of the charge radius of the proton
Jefferson Lab distinguished scientist scheduled to speak at TEDxCharlottesville
Artificial intelligence and machine learning are hot topics in newly funded projects to address emerging scientific and technical challenges
Jefferson Lab’s Ari Deibert Palczewski gets a DOE Early Career Research Program grant to make a better theoretical model of accelerator preparation and performance
As the Nathan Isgur Postdoctoral Fellow in Nuclear Theory, Nobuo Sato will apply theory to experimental data to ask how quarks and gluons form all of existence
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Fellowships in nuclear physics expanded, new fellowship in accelerator science established


Three scientists who conduct research at Jefferson Lab have been named 2019 APS Fellows
Weekly series helps inventors move ideas to the market
Twenty students participated in Jefferson Lab’s Science Camp for Deaf and Hard-Of-Hearing Youth in August
After a three-year hiatus, the STEM-focused high school internship program has returned to lab campus
Jefferson Lab’s 47th Program Advisory Committee met in July to review proposals for future experiments with the Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility
Supporting scientific innovation and the growth of small businesses through strategic outreach
For a decade now, Carlos Hernandez-Garcia spearheaded a program that brings undergraduate students from Mexico to Jefferson Lab to study accelerator physics
In an earlier post, I made the case that physicists have the potential to be inventors (Inventors and Physicists: a Great Partnership).

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