Radiation Control (RadCon) Department




We are dedicated to developing and administering effective policies and procedures that maintain doses as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA) and prevent over exposures while supporting the Lab’s mission of conducting basic research of the atom's nucleus using the unique CEBAF particle accelerator.


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We service all dosimetry requests for staff, contractors, and visitors.

We service all requests for surveys of radiological areas (experimental halls), perform release surveys, perform contamination checks, release radioactive material and assist with work under radiation work permits.

We service all requests regarding radiation detection equipment.

We service all requests for shielding requirements and radiation budgets here at JLAB.

We service all Radiation Worker I training, RWI/II Practicals, Radiation Worker II training, ARMS training and RCT qualifications.

Important Radcon Documents and Links

Requirements for Radiation Generating Devices (RGDs) being used on Jefferson Lab property by Sub-Contractors