ID Documents Required for JLab Onsite/Remote Access

ID Documents Required for JLab Onsite/Remote Access

All guests/users requesting access to JLab must present valid government-issued photo identification via uploading to electronic checklist within the registration. Failure to provide the essential documents will result in denial of access and non-issuance of a JLab access badge or computer account.

Beginning May 7,2025, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security will officially begin enforcing the REAL ID Act of 2005. This means that a traditional driver’s license will no longer be accepted through airport security and all Americans will be required to present REAL ID-compliant identification to go through airport security and enter certain federal facilities. As a federal facility Jefferson Lab must comply with this requirement.

The required forms of ID Documents for guests are listed below: 



U.S. Citizens

  • Valid U.S. government issued passport
  • Valid state government issued photo driver’s license (must meet REAL ID standards after May 7, 2025)
  • HSPD-12 PIV / PIV-I Card

Lawful Permanent Residents of the United States

  • Lawful Permanent Resident Alien Card (LPR) and a government issued photo-ID document, such as a valid passport or valid photo driver's license (must meet REAL ID standards after May 7, 2025).
  • If LPR is pending, a valid passport and work authorization extension (EAD card, I-20, DS-2019, I-797) and must provide an I-485 or I-551 stamp.

U.S. Sponsored Visa Holders


  • Valid passport
  • F-1 Visa in passport
  • I-94 Departure Record
  • Valid DS-I-20 form 
  • Document (EAD) (if on Optional Practical Training)



  • Valid passport
  • J-1 Visa in passport
  • Valid DS-2019
  • I-94 Departure Record


  • Valid passport
  • H-1B Visa (in passport)
  • I-94 Departure Record


  • Valid passport
  • I-797A  Approval Notice
  • I-94 Departure Record

Other Various Visa Types at JLab

Visa Waiver Program (VWP) Participants

  • Valid passport, valid CBP admission stamp showing WB


  • Valid passport, valid CBP admission stamp showing B1

Canadian Citizens

  • Valid passport or Enhanced Driver’s License
  • Trusted Traveler Program card (NEXUS or FAST)

Mexican Citizens

  • Valid passport with Visa
  • Border Crossing Card or SENTRI Traveler Program card

Bermudian Citizens

  • Valid passport



  • Foreign Nationals with the following visa classifications are NOT eligible for access to JLab:  WT, B-2, J-2 (without EAD card), F-2, and H-4.
  • Instructions on identification requirements for additional access requests or access request extensions will be provided at arrival check-in.

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