Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs August 16, 2017

Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs
August 16, 2017


Jefferson Lab Published Journal Articles, Aug. 6-12

  • M.J. Savage et al. (NPLQCD). “Proton-Proton Fusion and Tritium β Decay from Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics.” Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 062002 (2017).
  • P.E. Shanahan et al. (NPLQCD). “Isotensor Axial Polarizability and Lattice QCD Input for Nuclear Double-β Decay Phenomenology.” Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 062003 (2017).
  • A.V. Anisovich et al. (CLAS Collaboration). “Differential cross sections and polarization observables from CLAS K⁎ photoproduction and the search for new N⁎ states.” Phys. Lett. B 771, 142 (2017).
  • P. Collins et al. “Photon beam asymmetry Σ for η and η′ photoproduction from the proton.” Phys. Lett. B 771, 213 (2017).

Remember to submit your papers for approval to the Jefferson Lab Publications database.

History Archives Photo of the Week
This week's photo of the week from 1993 features BEAMS volunteer Drew Weisenberger demonstrating to students how a small amount of liquid nitrogen in the bottom of the metal dewar can "liquify" the air in the balloon.

Jefferson Lab Publications Application: New Development
Authors and administrators can add citations to their previously published papers. Log in to Publications, view one of your published papers using the "My Papers" link, and click the "Add/Update Citation." You may select formats in the dropdown list provided and type in the citation. The default citation format is AIP Citation, and the citation information will be added by Publications staff moving forward.

Center for Theoretical and Computational Physics

A key question of nuclear physics is the emergence of the nucleon mass from the microscopic theory of strong interactions, Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD). Recent theoretical work has calculated the nucleon's scalar form factor, which describes the spatial distribution of the mass originating from the "sea" of quark-antiquark pairs surrounding the nucleon -- a phenomenon known as chiral symmetry breaking. The calculation confirms that the distribution of the mass in the nucleon is significantly broader than that of the electric charge, raising interesting questions about nucleon structure.

Facilities Management and Logistics

Construction Will Impact Lab Sidewalks, Roadways and Parking, Beginning Aug. 21
The Tech Center developer, W.M. Jordan, is planning a groundbreaking ceremony on Aug. 24 for the first building that will become part of the Tech Center’s research park. Building 1 will be built on the non-Jefferson Lab land along Hogan Drive between the Support Service Center (Building 28) and Rattley Road. The work will impact several areas north of CEBAF Center. Members of the Jefferson Lab community are reminded to stay out of construction areas; do not enter or pass through areas enclosed by construction fencing. For information on specific impacts, see the full memo.

Jefferson Lab Calendar of Events

Aug. 15-17: DOE Accelerator Safety Workshop
Sept. 4: Labor Day holiday: Jefferson Lab closed
Sept. 5-8: Hadronic Physics with Lepton and Hadron Beams
Sept. 12-15: International Workshop on Physics with Positrons at Jefferson Lab
Sept. 18: Safety Shoe Truck onsite

Environment, Safety, Health and Quality

ESH&Q Division Invites Lab Community to Visit New Building on Aug. 17
Members of the ESH&Q Division invite the lab community to visit its new home in Building 52 on Thursday, Aug. 17, 10 a.m.–noon. The open house will give the lab community a chance to visit the new building, learn about some of its features, and catch up with many members of the lab’s ESH&Q staff. Light snacks will be provided in the conference room. While you are there, pick up a ticket for a small raffle being planned.

Security to Test Jefferson Lab’s Active Threat Alert Notification System on Aug. 31
At 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, Aug. 31, Security personnel will conduct a test of Jefferson Lab’s Active Threat Alert Notification System. Like the Site-Wide-Alert System, the test message will be sent over the lab’s email, pagers/text and on the Cisco phone digital screens. No response will be expected, as this is only an operational test of the system. For more information about the test and steps you may need to take in the event of an actual active threat alert, see the full memo.


Panel Determines Lab’s Future Science
It’s a physicist’s rite of passage. Long before researchers can get to the nitty-gritty of running an experiment -- such as installing the hardware, snagging the best run shifts, or debugging the analyzer -- they have to convince the Program Advisory Committee of its merits. In mid-July, while the dog days of summer were in full force, a wide-ranging field of experiments went under the microscope of the 13-member 45th Jefferson Lab Program Advisory Committee (PAC45). Read the full story and see PAC results here.

Diversity and Inclusion Council Extends Training at Director’s Request
On August 10, Lab Director Stuart Henderson sent a message to all non-supervisor employees regarding a series of training sessions about diversity and inclusion in the workplace and its impact on communication. Similar to the sessions offered to managers last year, these new facilitated discussions will be offered throughout the fall and winter for non-supervisors. They will touch on the potential biases that can appear, in both expected and unexpected ways, and will share practical tips employees can take back to their work environments to continue to make a difference at the laboratory. Click here to see the full memo.

Eclipse Viewing Glasses Available Aug. 21 in the CEBAF Center Lobby
Eastern Virginia should experience much (80-90 percent) of the solar eclipse taking place on Monday, Aug. 21, at around 2:45 p.m. EDT. Science Education has provided the Communications Office with a supply of “eclipse shades” that are approved for safely viewing the eclipse. The supply of these glasses will be made available to the Jefferson Lab community at 9 a.m. on Aug. 21 in the CEBAF Center lobby. For more information on the eclipse and eclipse-viewing safety, see the full memo.

American Red Cross Blood Drive
Jefferson Lab donors made a significant contribution to the American Red Cross with the August 11 blood drive, with a total of 33 productive units collected. Occupational Medicine extends a sincere thank you to everyone that participated in this blood drive. More information can be found in the memo.

Volunteers Sought for United Way Day of Caring
The 2017 United Way Day of Caring for the Virginia Peninsula will take place Wednesday, Sept. 6. Several health and human services organizations throughout Hampton Roads will benefit from the hard work and generous efforts of volunteers for numerous projects. Jefferson Lab is offering employees the opportunity to volunteer for these efforts. Volunteers are encouraged to sign up by the Aug. 30 deadline. See the full memo for information.

DOE Sponsors Food Drive at Jefferson Lab
The Department of Energy is again participating in the “Feds Feed Families” food drive this year, Aug. 7-18. At Jefferson Lab, the Thomas Jefferson Site Office will be collecting donations from its federal employees to benefit the Foodbank of the Virginia Peninsula. There is no expectation of Jefferson Lab employee participation in this program, although anyone wishing to contribute may do so. See the full memo for details.

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