Wrestling the Strongest Force in the Universe

12 GeV Upgrade

Take a brief tour of the future science at Jefferson Lab with the 12 GeV Upgrade.

What is the universe made of?

What holds everyday matter together?

Why are quarks never found alone?

These are questions that scientists at Jefferson Lab are trying to answer. By smashing electrons into atoms with JLab's Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility, or CEBAF accelerator, physicists have already mapped the structure of the proton to an unprecedented level. They've also measured the contents of the so-called vacuum that surrounds matter and are making precision measurements of how strange quarks, cousins to the fundamental building blocks of matter, contribute to the structure of matter in the universe.

Now scientists at Jefferson Lab are making plans to proceed to a new level of scientific discovery. By doubling the energy of the CEBAF accelerator's electron beam, and by building a new experimental hall, they hope to delve even deeper into the mysteries of matter in the universe. This site details the plans, the people and the progress being made toward a more powerful CEBAF.