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Hall A

E07-007: Separation of Deeply Virtual Photon and pi-0 Electroproduction Observables of Unpolarized Protons
E08-025: Measurement of the Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering off the Neutron
E12-10-009: A' (APEX) - Search for a New Vector Boson A' Decaying to e+e−
E06-002: PREX - A clean measurement of the neutron skin of 208Pb through parity violating electron scattering
E08-011: e-2H Parity-Violating Deep-Inelastic Scattering (PVDIS) at CEBAF 6 GeV
E05-109: A Measurement of Nucleon Strange Form Factors at High Q2
E05-015: Measurement of the Target Single-Spin Asymmetry in Quasi-Elastic 3He↑(e,e')
E08-005: Measurement of the Target Single-Spin Asymmetry, Ay, in the Quasi-Elastic 3He↑(e,e'n) Reaction
E06-010: Measurement of Single-Spin Asymmetry in a Semi-Inclusive Reaction on a Transversely Polarized Helium-3 Target
E07-013: Target Normal Single-Spin Asymmetry in Inclusive Deep-Inelastic Scattering with a Polarized Target 

E08-007: Measurement of the Proton Elastic Form Factor Ratio at Low Q2
E04-007: Precision Measurement of Electroproduction of pi0 Near Threshold: A Test of Chiral QCD Dynamics
E05-110: Precision Measurement of Longitudinal and Transverse Response Functions of Quasi-Elastic Electron Scattering in the Momentum Transfer Range 0.55 GeV/c < q < 0.9 GeV/c
E04-018: Elastic Electron Scattering Off 3He and 4He at large momentum transfers
E03-101: Hard Photodisintegration of a Proton Pair
E06-007: Impulse Approximation limitations to the (e,e'p) on 208Pb, identifying correlations and relativistic effects in the nuclear medium
E03-104: Probing the Limits of the Standard Model of Nuclear Physics with the 4He(e,e'p)3H Reaction

Hall B

E04-116: Beyond the Born Approximation: A Precise Comparison of Positron-Proton and Electron-Proton Elastic Scattering in CLAS
E-08-023: An updated High Precision Measurement of the Neutral Pion Lifetime via the Primakoff Effect

g9-FROST run period

eg6 Run Period


E01-113: Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering with CLAS at 6 GeV (e1-DVCS)
E08-003: The γp→ π+n Single Charged Pion Photoproduction

g12 Run Period

g9-FROST Run Period

E06-103: Kaon Photoproduction on the Deuteron Using Polarized Photons

Hall C

E08-016: Q-weak - A Precision Test of the Standard Model and Determination of the Weak Charges of the Quarks Through Parity-Violating Electron Scattering
E05-115: Spectroscopic investigation of Λ hypernuclei in the wide mass region using the (e,e'K+) reaction
E07-003: Spin Asymmetries of the Nucleon Experiment
E07-002: Polarization transfer in Wide Angle Compton Scattering
E04-019: Measurement of the Two-Photon Exchange Contribution in ep Elastic Scattering Using Recoil Polarization
E04-108: Measurement of GEp/GMp to Q2=9 GeV2 via recoil polarization
E05-017: A Measurement of Two-Photon Exchange in Unpolarized Elastic Electron-Proton Scattering
E04-115: G0 Backward Angle Measurement
E04-101: Measurement of the Parity Violating Asymmetry in the N to Delta Transition


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