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The XXVI International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory

Hadron Spectroscopy

[ppt] Constantia Alexandrou A fitting procedure for the determination of hadron excited states applied to the Nucleon
[pdf] Taegil Bae Scaling behavior and sea quark dependency of pion spectrum
[pdf] Subhasish Basak Electromagnetic splittings of hadrons from improved Staggered quarks in full QCD
[pdf] Thomas Blum The light baryon spectrum calculated with 2+1 flavors of domain wall fermions
[pdf] John Bulava Stochastic All-to-All Propagators for Baryon Correlators
[pdf] Christine Davies Charm physics with HISQ quarks
[pdf] Asit K De On Scale Determination in Lattice QCD with Dynamical Quarks
[pdf] William Detmold Multi-meson States in Lattice QCD
[pdf] Shao-Jing Dong The Charmed Strange Mesons from Lattice OCD with Overlap Fermion
[pdf] Vincent Drach Partially quenched study of strange baryon with Nf = 2 twisted mass fermions
[ppt] Robert Edwards Three Flavor Anisotropic Clover Fermions
[pdf] Eric Engelson Lattice QCD determination of patterns of excited baryon masses
[pdf] Federico Farchioni Hadron spectrum of QCD with one quark flavor
[pdf] Christian Hoelbling The hadron spectrum in full QCD: Analysis details and final result
[pdf] Jimmy Juge Multi-hadron operators with all-to-all quark propagators
[pdf] Jack Laiho Light pseudoscalar masses and decay constants with a mixed action
[pdf] Ludmila Levkova Contributions of the disconnected diagrams in the hyperfine splitting in charmonium in the quenched case
[pdf] Min Li Bottom spectroscopy on dynamical 2+1 flavor domain wall fermion lattices with a relativistic heavy quark action
[ppt] Keh-Fei Liu Roper Resonance from 2+1 Flavor Clover Fermions
[ppt] Nilmani Mathur Cascade baryon spectrum from lattice QCD
[pdf] Craig McNeile Decay constants from twisted mass QCD.
[pdf] Daniel Mohler Spectroscopy with dynamical Chirally Improved quarks
[pdf] Heechang Na Heavy baryon mass spectrum from Lattice QCD with 2+1 dynamic sea quark flavors
[pdf] Yusuke Namekawa Charm quark system in 2+1 flavor lattice QCD using the PACS-CS configurations
[pdf] Junichi Noaki Light meson spectrum with $N_f=2+1$ dynamical overlap fermions
[pdf] Alan O Cais A fitting robot for variational analysis
[ppt] Hiroshi Ohki Nucleon sigma term and strange quark content from dynamical overlap simulations
[pdf] Michael Peardon Determining bare quark masses for Nf=2+1 dynamical simulations
[ppt] Sasa Prelovsek A lattice study of light scalar tetraquarks with isopins 0, 1/2 and 1
[pdf] Siebren Reker Status of ETMC simulations with Nf=2+1+1 twisted mass fermions
[pdf] Dru Renner Hadronic contribution to g-2 from twisted mass fermions
[pdf] Furui Sadataka A study of quark-gluon vertices using the lattice Coulomb gauge domain wall fermion
[pdf] Gerrit Schierholz Extracting rho and Delta resonances from lattice simulations at small quark masses
[pdf] Enno E. Scholz Physical results from 2+1 flavor Domain Wall QCD
[pdf] Eigo Shintani Strong coupling constant and four-quark condensates from vacuum polarization functions with dynamical overlap fermions
[pdf] Rainer Sommer Efficient use of the Generalised Eigenvalue Problem
[pdf] Naoya Ukita 2+1 flavor lattice QCD simulation with $O(a)$-improved Wilson quarks
[pdf] Carsten Urbach Scaling and chiral extrapolation of pion mass and decay constant with maximally twisted mass QCD
[pdf] Marc Wagner Static-light meson masses from twisted mass lattice QCD
[pdf] Ran Zhou Isospin symmetry breaking effects in the pion and nucleon masses