Criteria Review and Approach Document

What is it? CRADs represent the "Test Questions" that the HSS Inspection Team will use to guide their evaluation of the health of our ES&H systems. It is a series of questions that breaks out all the different requirements associated with ISM and the JLab support programs.

The wording of the questions can be redundant and sometimes confusing for non-inspectors - they are written from the perspective of an inspection team member to help guide their thought process.

If you are approached by somebody from DOE, they will ask you these questions in a simpler manner. If you don't understand the question being asked, don't hesitate to ask them to rephrase it until it becomes clear.

We've gone through every question with representatives from every JSA organization. Where it was agreed that we had a good answer, it was written in the column labeled "JLab Compliance Description". If the answer was unclear, we developed a way to try to fill the gap and put that in the "Corrective Actions" column. These corrective actions are underway and we hope to have completed most of these before the DOE team gets here in June.

Please take a few moments and read some of the questions and answers associated with your organization as it will help you to continue to prepare for the inspection. If something is unclear or does not make sense, ask a co-worker, your supervisor or email for help.


Generic Questions

Division Specific CRAD Evaluations:

FM&L Physics Engineering ES&H FEL