Laser Eye Examination

In addition to the training in the UL office, FEL users are required to have a laser eye examination and laser safety training. The laser eye exam can be performed by a doctor at a user's home institution using instructions from JLab, or by a doctor local to JLab, but in either case should be scheduled well in advance.

  • Letter to Take to Doctor
  • Example of Desired Results Letter
    • TJNAF Occupational Health & Safety
      12000 Jefferson Avenue
      Newport News, VA 23606

      Dear Sirs:

      Mr. _________ was seen in our office for a complete ophthalmologic evaluation. He/she is a ____ year old gentleman/woman with no significant past medical history, on no medications, no known allergies, no family history of relevance.

      On examination, visual acuity is 20/20 in each eye with a myopic refraction, pupils were equal and reactive to light, and extraocular movements were intact and full. Ishihara color vision testing was unremarkable. Furthermore, contrast sensitivity was excellent. A slit lamp exam, and evaluation of intraocular pressures were unremarkable. However, his optic nerve head appearance demonstrated a cup/disc ration 0.5 OU with deep, presumably physiologic, cups.

      He is approved for laser use. We discussed his/her optic nerve head appearance and he will be following-up with his optometrist on a regular basis.

      Sincerely yours,

  • Ophthamologist Report Form
  • American National Standard (ANSI Standard) re: Laser