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Repository: Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
  Jefferson Lab Archives
  12000 Jefferson Ave., Room L203A
  Newport News, VA 23606
  Phone: (757) 269-7805
  Fax: (757) 269-5427
Creator: CEBAF Staff, Jefferson Lab Institutional Offices
Title: Institutional Records: Jefferson Lab Photograph Collection
Dates: Late 1980s - present
Size: Analog: 1 half-Hollinger box; 3 clamshell boxes, 34 photograph boxes, 3 oversized boxes, 4 document boxes; 34.63 linear feet
Digital: more than 1,400 gigabytes
Materials in collection: Photographs, display boards, digital assets
Abstract: Jefferson Lab staff have documented the growth of the lab with photographs since the construction of CEBAF. This collection is a compilation of such photos. When possible, the people and places have been identified.
Identification number: JL.008B
Location: Jefferson Lab Archives Room; Jefferson Lab Digital Collections;
Language: English

Historical Sketch

Construction on the Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility (CEBAF) in Newport News, Virginia began in February of 1987. Since then, staff and various Lab Offices have been documenting events happening here with photography. Some of these images have been used for public outreach, to help explain our mission, to document our history and progress, and to share with each other the experience of being a part of the Jefferson Lab culture and family.

Scope and Content

This collection consists of images taken by various members of the CEBAF staff while construction was underway in various areas of the site, various events, and informational placards. There are also images from the first comprehensive site wide fire drill involving Newport New Fire/Rescue in 1991, aerials photographs of the linac, and many other events on-site.

This collection is incomplete to date and still undergoing processing. If the researcher is seeking photographs of specific events or people, please contact for assistance.


There are many photographs still awaiting indexing/metadata on the Lab servers. These images are generally arranged by event and date.

The Jefferson Lab Digital Archive is located at:
The physical collection is arranged in two series.

Series I: Photographs. The photographs are categorized by content/location on site, then by size with some grouped in oversized boxes. This facet of the collection is sorted by a Photograph Indexing Key that was developed by Public Affairs in the late 1990s. The Indexing Key is incorporated into this Finding Aid to assist researchers in locating images.

Series II: Framed. This series is comprised of pieces that have been framed for various reasons.


Access Restrictions

  • The photograph collection may be used solely for noncommercial educational and research purposes. Please contact if you would like to use the collection.

Use Restrictions

  • Jefferson Lab is providing access to the materials in the Archive's collections solely for noncommercial educational and research purposes. The unauthorized use, including, but not limited to, publication of the materials without the prior written permission of Jefferson Lab is strictly prohibited. All inquiries regarding permission to publish should be submitted in writing to the Archivist. In addition to permission from Jefferson Lab, permission of the copyright owner (if not Jefferson Lab) and/or any holder of other rights (such as publicity and/or privacy rights) may also be required for reproduction, publication, distribution, and other uses. Responsibility for making an independent legal assessment of any item and securing any necessary permissions rests with the persons desiring to publish the item. Jefferson Lab makes no warranties as to the accuracy of the materials or their fitness for a particular purpose.

Controlled Access Terms

Accelerator Site    
Applied Research Center (ARC) (Collection # JL.017)
Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility (CEBAF)
Counting House
Daily Press (Collection # JL.006B-1)
Dallas, Mike (Collection # JL.020A)
David Buck Photography
Department of Energy (DOE) (Collection # JL.013, Site Office)
Fermi, Enrico
Electronic Media    
Environment, Safety, Health, & Quality (ESH&Q) (Collection # JL.016)
Experimental Equipment Lab (EEL)    
Experimental Hall A (Hall A) (Collection # JL.014-1)
Experimental Hall B (Hall B) (Collection # JL.014-2)
Experimental Hall C (Hall C) (Collection # JL.014-3)
Experimental Hall D (Hall D) (Collection # JL.014-4)
Free-electron Laser (FEL) (Collection # JL.001-1)
Grunder, Hermann (Collection # JL.002-1)
Hamel, Dana
Hampton University
Hampton University Graduate Studies Program (HUGS)
Jefferson Lab (JLab)
Jefferson Lab Communications Office (Collection # JL.006)
McCarthy, James (Collection # JLS.005)
Machine Control Center (MCC)
Montgomery, Hugh (Collection # JL.002-3)
Open House (Collection # JL.006)
Secretary of Energy
Southeastern Universities Research Association (SURA)
Space Radiation Effects Laboratory (SREL)
Test Lab
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (TJNAF)
Watkins, James D.

Administration Information

Preferred Citation: 
[Identification of Item], Box [insert number], Disk [insert number and title], Jefferson Lab Photograph Collection, Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, 12000 Jefferson Ave., Room L203A, Newport News, VA, 23606

Acquisition Information:
This collection was acquired from Public Affairs.

Processing History:
This collection was processed by Melissa Erlandson in February, 2016.

This collection was supported in part by a grant from the History Programs, American Institute of Physics.

Box and Container Listing 
Series I: Photographs
Box 1 - Information and Aerials
  • Item 1: General Lab Information
  • Item 2: How the Cavity Works
  • Item 3: Linac Service Buildings
  • Item 4: Aerial
  • Item 5: Aerial - Campus
  • Item 6: Vacuum - Test Lab
  • Item 7: Cavities - "Temperature Mapping"
  • Item 8: Helium Vessel Ready for Cryostat Insertion
Box 2 - People
  • Item 1: S. Benson, and M. Shinn - FEL
  • Item 2: Don (unknown)
  • Item 3: Eric Hanson, Test Lab
  • Item 4: V. Bookwalter, and (guess) C. Bennett - Wire Stringing, EEL
  • Item 5: Jim Clark - Wire Chamber, EEL
  • Item 6: Michelle Brisiel - Wire Chamber, EEL
  • Item 7: Guess - A. Kenyon or E. Sommer or O. Pastor
  • Item 8: Best Guesses - B. Briscoe, UKN, B. Schneider or J. O'Brien, D. Yilles, H.
  • Cornell, UKN, D. Sober, J. Brock
  • Item 9: William Forrest - Hall B Scintillators
  • Item 10: John Mammosser - Cavity Tuning
  • Item 11: Paul Letta
  • Item 12: Michelle Shinn - Free Electron Laser
  • Item 13: "Education" - Hampton University Students
  • Item 14: Hampton University Students
Box 3 - Experimental Halls
  • Item 1: Hall A Target
  • Item 2: Hall A
  • Item 3: Hall B
  • Item 4: Hall B
  • Item 5: Hall C

Box 4 - 8x10s

  • Folder 1: SREL Site, 1983 proposal pictures
  • Folder 2: Secretary of Energy visit, c. 15 April 1992
  • Folder 3: ARC Brochure
  • Folder 4: CEBAF pre-construction diagram
  • Folder 5: Cavities (including photo by WriteAngels)
  • Folder 6: CEBAF Accelerator Site

Box 5: AE – Accelerator Enclosure

Box 6: BU – Buildings

Box 7: ARC – Applied Research Center

Box 8: CC – CEBAF Center

Box 9: EEL – Experimental Equipment Laboratory

Box 10: CH – Counting House

Box 11: FEL – Free-electron Laser

Box 12: MCC – Machine Control Center

Box 13: TL – Test Lab

Box 14: TR – Trailer City

Box 15: VARC – Virginia Associated Research Center building

Box 16: CON – Construction

Box 17: EA – East Arc

Box 18: WA – West Arc

Box 19: NL – North Linac

Box 20: SL – South Linac

Box 21: HA – Hall A

Box 22: HB – Hall B

Box 23: HC – Hall C

Box 24: HC – Hall C

Box 25: CAV – Cavity

Box 26: INJ – Injector

Box 27: ES – Endstations

Box 28: TT – Technology Transfer

Box 29: ED – Science Education

Box 30: UNI – University Affiliated/Associated

Box 31: CHL – Central Helium Liquifier

Box 32: CR – Cryomodules

Box 33: CI – Cryomodule Installations/Magnets

Box 34: CT – Cryo Team Accessions

Box 35: CT – Cryo Team Accessions

Box 36: ESHQ – Environment, Health, Safety, Quality

Box 37: MISC – Miscellany

Box 38: MISC – Miscellany

Box 39: ST – Staff

Box 40: AV – Aerial View

Box 41: SE – Special Events

Box 42: SE – Special Events

Box 43: SE – Special Events

Oversize Box 1 - Informational Displays

  • Item 1: Daily Press, "Economic Acceleration in NN", 15 March 1996
  • Item 2: Recirculated Linac Concept
  • Item 3: Machine Configuration
  • Item 4: FEL Application to Surface Processing of Metals
  • Item 5: Superconducting Cavity Pair
  • Item 6: Free-Electron Laser Schematic
  • Item 7: What is a Quark?
  • Item 8: Did You Know ...?
  • Item 9: Electromagnets
  • Item 10: Research
  • Item 11: What Jefferson Lab Studies

Oversize Box 2: Miscellany

  • Item 1: Experimental Hall
  • Item 2: Electron Beam Welding Machine, Test Lab
  • Item 3: Hall C
  • Item 4: Aerial
  • Item 5: Hall B - 6 GeV Superconducting Magnet
  • Item 6: Construction, Aerial
  • Item 7: D. Weisenberger, D. Steinback, c. 1994-1997; Lab #126 EEL
  • Item 8: Klystrons
  • Item 9: T. Carstens, Y. Sharabian, c. 1995, EEL
  • Item 10: M. Mestayes, S. Christo
  • Item 11: Hall B
  • Item 12: Liquid Light Guides
  • Item 13: Detector Package for Hall C's High Momentum Spectrometer
  • Item 14: D. Arenius, M. Wright, J. Creel, K. Dixon, P. Knudsen, R. Ganni
Series II: Framed
Oversize Box 3
  • Item 1: Physics Today August 1993 Part 1, signed
  • Item 2: Discover August 1994
Oversize Box 4:
  • Unsorted


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