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Title: Institutional Records: Communications Office – Newsmedia
Dates: 1983 - present day
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Location: The digital collection is located in the Jefferson Lab Document Management System. Non-digital items are located in the Jefferson Lab Archives.
Language: English, Polish (Polskie), German (Deutsche), French (Français), Japanese (日本語), Hebrew (עִברִית)

Scope and Content

This collection is comprised of articles that have appeared nationally and internationally that are related to Jefferson Lab. Scientists and their experiments have been featured all over the globe and those articles have been saved within this collection, as thorough as possible. The Communications Office (previously the Office of Public Affairs) had tried to save these articles prior to transferring custody to the Lab Archives.

This collection does not claim to be exhaustive, and as articles are published, they are added.


This collection is arranged chronologically with no regard to source. If possible, a translation is available for articles that are not in English.

A master database indexes the physical articles within the collection. This database is housed within the Jefferson Lab Document Management System.

Informational Directory

There is a sizable digital collection supporting this compilation. Original articles are housed within the physical archives while copies are housed digitally. Wherever possible, the original articles have been kept. However, oftentimes the only copy Jefferson Lab had was a copy of the original. All copies within the digital archive are searchable for ease of use.

As content as shifted to digitally born, the Archives has strived to keep up. Wherever possible, the source link has been provided at the bottom of the article. For further questions, please email


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This collection was acquired from the Communications Office with assistance from newsmedia aggregates.

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This collection was processed by Melissa Erlandson in November, 2017 with further processing by Archival Intern Kevin Lopez-Gibbs in 2019-2021. 

This collection was supported in part by a grant from the History Programs, American Institute of Physics.

Box and Container Listing 
Box 1
  • Folder 1: August 1983: U.S. News & World Report, "U.S. Bounces Back with Super Atom Smashers"
  • Folder 2: November 1983: Physics Today, "Hadron spectroscopy and quarks: The numerous mesons and baryons are remarkably well explained as states of simple quark "atoms: that obey the same principles as ordinary atoms"
  • Folder 3: March/April 1987: Virginia Peninsula Bottom Line, "Bulldozers arrive at CEBAF site"
  • Folder 4: August 1988: Network World, "Spans without a plan: The effort to build a national research network resulted in major problems - both technical and political"
  • Folder 5: September 1988: DOE This Month, "People in Energy - K. Dean Helms"
  • Folder 6: November 1988: Superconductor Week, "Civilian Agency Officials Outline Superconductivity Programs", "CEBAF Overview Provided to Attendees"
  • Folder 7: Spring 1989: Superconductor Industry, "The 'Other' Accelerator Project: While the SSC has been getting all the attention, a smaller but no less important accelerator is already under construction using state of the art superconducting technology"
  • Folder 8: August 1990: Cold Facts, "CSA Chapters: Hampton Roads"
  • Folder 9: September/October 1990: Virginia Peninsula Bottom Line, "High Tech 'Racetrack' Brings CEBAF Closer to Completion"
  • Folder 10: November 1990: ESNet, "The Energy Sciences Network"
  • Folder 11: December 1990: Engineering News-Record, "Physics lab in wet soil built close to tolerance"
  • Folder 12: January 1992: New Technology Week, "Funding in Doubt for Free-Electron Laser"* (incomplete article)
  • Folder 13: March 1992: College of William & Mary Gazette, "President Bids Farewell to College at Charter Day"
  • Folder 14: April 1992: Virginia Scientists, "CEBAF Mines the Atom: Slicing into the Heart of Matter"
  • Folder 15: May 1992: DOE This Month, "Briefing"; Virginia Business, "2001: An Academic Odyssey: By balancing global diversity with hometown focus, Old Dominion is setting a course for the 21st Century"
  • Folder 16: July 1992: Science News, "Flash Tracks: Building an 'eyepiece' for a particle accelerator"
  • Folder 17: July/August 1992: CERN Courier, "CEBAF injector in operation"; Virginia Peninsula Bottom Line, "House Oks CEBAF Funds"
  • Folder 18: September 1992: CERN Courier, "CEBAF"
  • Folder 19: October 1992: Chronicle of Higher Education, "Studies of Atomic Nucleus Revived by Construction of 2 Accelerators: Physicists to probe sub-units of atom and the 'strong force' that binds nuclear matter"
  • Folder 20: 1992/1993: U.S. Department of Energy Technology Transfer, "CEBAF"; "Real-Time Control System Software"
  • Folder 21: Spring 1993: Virginia Teach Arts & Sciences, "Scientists study basic matter, society's needs: Jenkins working at nuclear accelerator"
  • Folder 22: April 1993: WonderScience, "Fun Physical Science Activities for Children and Adults to Do Together"
  • Folder 23: Summer 1993: QuestNews, "Quote of the Quarter"
  • Folder 24: August 1993: Physics Today, "CEBAF readies its electron beam for studies of nucleons and nuclei"
  • Folder 25: December 1993: Virginia Business, "High-Energy Potential on the Virginia Peninsula
  • Folder 26: 1994: AIP Physics News in 1994, "CEBAF: A High-Performance Electron Accelerator for Nuclear Research at Cost and On Schedule"; Hampton University Highlights, "'Hampton's in the Loop' at CEBAF"
  • Folder 27: January 1994: Physics Today (Japanese), "Nucleon with Electron Beam, Explore the Nucleus - CEBAF"
  • Folder 28: April 1994: Superconductor Week, "Physics Funding Woes Touch Even Unblemished CEBAF"
  • Folder 29: Summer 1994: Norfolk State University Alumni News, "Norfolk State Signs Monumental Pact with CEBAF"
  • Folder 30: June 1994: Cleanroom Operations Newsletter, "Industry News: MKS and CEBAF sign CRADA"
  • Folder 31: Fall 1994: Cold Facts, "Hampton Roads Chapter Tours LifeNet", "CEBAF Beam Hits Target in Hall C"
  • Folder 32: August 1994: Discover, "Sweet Little Accelerator: When it comes to particle accelerators, bigger has always meant better, but now a small new machine in Virginia promises to measure up to the big guys"; In the NetPlex, "Templin Takes Top Spot at Virginia's CIT"; Science News, "The Stuff of Protons: Gluing quarks to make protons, neutrons and atomic nuclei"
  • Folder 33: September 1994: CERN Courier, "Free-electron lasers considered for CEBAF"; Virginia SpaceLink, "CEBAF-SITE 1994 Sends Teachers Back to School eager to Teach Science"
  • Folder 34: October 1994: ESG Quarterly, "CEBAF's Unique Design"
  • Folder 35: November 1994: Photonics Spectra, "Much Ado About Free-Electron Lasers"
  • Folder 36: Winter 1994: CNU News, "CEBAF Grants Awarded"
  • Folder 37: 1995: APS, "APS Calendar, 1995"
  • Folder 38: February 1995: DOE This Month, "Accelerator Being Readied for Experiments"; Federal Lab Laser Tech Briefs, "CEBAF's Free-Electron Laser: A Unique User Facility Struggles to Be Born"
  • Folder 39: April 1995: ExpoTech '95, "The CEBAF Technologies Exposition"; UConn Advance, "Physics closes deal with accelerator lab: $1.5 million agreement to add faculty, research"
  • Folder 40: May 1995: Bits & Bytes, "May Meeting Preview"
  • Folder 41: Summer 1995: Cold Facts, "CEBAF Makes Historic Accomplishment"; Research Matters, "Toroidal magnet helps probe quark interactions
  • Folder 42: August 1995: Design News, "Cavity-alignment jig helps illuminate subatomic particles"
  • Folder 43: September 1995: The Wheel, "State Fair of Virginia"
  • Folder 44: December 1995: Superconductor Week, "Experimentation Begins at CEBAF: Assoc. Director for Accelerators Discusses Role of Superconductivity"
  • Folder 45: 1996: AIP Physics News in 1996, "Nuclear Physics", "CEBAF (TJNAF) Comes on Line"
  • Folder 46: February 1996: Hampton Roads Technology Journal, "Introducing Fred Dylla, Member: VTC"
  • Folder 47: March 1996: CERN Courier, "CEBAF on-line for physics"
  • Folder 48: Spring 1996: Peninsula, "The Future is Now at the Jefferson Lab"
  • Folder 49: July 1996: Physics Today, "Washington Reports - CEBAF dedicated and renamed"
  • Folder 50: July/August 1996: CERN Courier, "Jefferson/CEBAF - Dedication", "Laser development", "Superconducting radiofrequency in action"; The Sciences, "Worlds within Worlds"
  • Folder 51: Fall 1996: Narce Exchange, "HUGS"
  • Folder 52: December 1996: IEEE Spectrum, "Spectrum visits ... The Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility"; Virginia Business, "The Peninsula Project: Newport News eagerly awaits the free-electron laser, the child wonder of the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility"; Virginia Town & City, "Newport News looks forward to next 100 years"
  • Folder 53: January 1993: DOE This Month, "A Year for New Facilities"
  • Folder 54: March 1997: The Industrial Physicist, "Free-Electron Lasers - A radical alternative"
  • Folder 55: June 1997: Physics Today, "DOE's Jefferson Lab: What's in a Name?"
  • Folder 56: October 1997: Trade and Commerce, "Newport News, Virginia: Moderate cost, high-productivity environment"
  • Folder 57: November 1997: National Defense Magazine, "Virginia Simulation Center Expected to Help Industry"
  • Folder 58: Spring 1998: Rensselaer Alumni Magazine, "Probing the Quirks of Quarks: the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility will be one of the most important places for nuclear physics in the next decade. Rensselaer's involvement includes faculty, students and alumni."
  • Folder 59: Spring 1998: Montpelier - James Madison University Magazine, "Small Universe: Throwing subatomic baseballs"
  • Folder 60: August 1998: Optics and Photonics News, "Jefferson's FEL Generates Unprecedented 155 Watts"; Photonics Spectra, "Scientists Deliver 'First Light' of Free-Electron Laser"; Research & Development, "New laser sees the light"
  • Folder 61: September 1998: CERN Courier, "First light from new Free-electron laser"; Statistical Digest, "Industry"
  • Folder 62: October 1998: Science, "Nuclear Physics: Tight Budget Could Shut Down MIT Accelerator"
  • Folder 63: November 1998: Science, "Nuclear Physics: Experiment Stopped After Safety Concerns"
  • Folder 64: Winter 1998/1999: Superconductor Cryoelectronics, "A Unique Magnet and Cryogenic System for Probing the Nucleus"
  • Folder 65: Fall 1999: Superconductor Cryoelectronics, "TJNAF Achieves World Record Power and Experimental Success with Free Electron Laser"
  • Folder 66: August 1999: DOE This Month, "Jefferson Lab hosts 'Science is Cool' open house"
  • Folder 67: November 1999: Les defies du cea (French), "Measures Pour Measures"
  • Folder 68: December 1999: Plants, Sites, & Parks, "Virginia: Rich History, Bright Future"
Box 2
  • Folder 1: 2000: Nuclear Physics News, "The Rare-Isotope Accelerator (RIA) Facility"
  • Folder 2: July/August 2000: Synchrotron Radiation News, "Jefferson Lab Free-Electron Laser Starts Operation with Sustained Lasing at the Kilowatt Level"
  • Folder 3: September/October 2000: American Scientist, "The Search for QCD Exotics"
  • Folder 4: November 2000: Area Development: Sites & Facility Planning, "Virginia: Information technology, telecommunications, and Internet companies are leading the way as Virginia's economic diversification continues full speed ahead"
  • Folder 5: December 2000: Laser Focus World, "Optoelectronics zeros in on widespread use"
  • Folder 6: July 2001: Barnes & Noble Event Flier
  • Folder 7: August 2001: New Technology Week, "Leader in Science - Interim Chief: Despite Tight Budget, Jefferson Lab Looks to Grow"; Navy News & Undersea Technology, "Navy-Funded Lab Develops Powerful Laser for Missile Defense"; New Technology Week, "Funding Remains Issue: With Much Promise for Missile Defense and Industry, Lab Develops Powerful Laser"
  • Folder 8: January 2002: Physics Today, "Putting Free-Electron Lasers to Work: By making a relativistic electron beam wiggle through an array of magnets, one can generate intense coherent light with wavelengths tunable from centimeters to angstroms"
  • Folder 9: March 2002: Physics Today, "An Energy Recovery Linac Is Seen as a Bright Idea"; Virginia Business, "Living in a materials world: Small, smart or light, advanced materials hold promise for state labs"
  • Folder 10: May 2002: CERN Courier, "Probing the boundary of nuclear-particle physics: Founded in the 1980s as the Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility (CEBAF), the US national laboratory in Chesapeake Bay adopted the name of Thomas Jefferson in 1996. America's third president would have been proud"
  • Folder 11: July/August 2002: CERN Courier "Daresbury's proposed 4G light source moves forward"
  • Folder 12: November 2002: The Mirror (German), "Splitted on the Monitor"
  • Folder 13: December 2002: Photonics Spectra, "Accelerator Yields 20-W T-Rays"
  • Folder 14: Winter 2002/2003: Equal Opportunity, "Jefferson Lab Celebrates Black History Month"
  • Folder 15: January/February 2003: CERN Courier, "JLab generate high-power terahertz light"; The Futurist, "The Short Path from Fiction to Science: Forecasts deemed fantastic and science fictional can rapidly become frighteningly factual"
  • Folder 16: March 2003: Classroom Connect, "Jefferson Lab"
  • Folder 17: April 2003: DOE This Month, Photo of C. Leeman, A. Hutton, and Sec. Card; The Economist, "Holey grail: A new experiment confirms that protons take a variety of different shapes"
  • Folder 18: April/May 2003: Hampton Life, "HU a major component of international physics experiment"; The Industrial Physicist, "Twenty watts of terahertz"
  • Folder 19: May 2003: Area Development: Sites & Facility Planning, "Hampton Roads: With an idea location on the East Coast, and excellent intermodal transportation system, and diverse industrial mix, Hampton Roads has much to offer an expanding or relocating business"; CERN Courier, " ... and at Jefferson Lab's Experimental Hall B"; Journal of Nuclear Medicine, "No. 251: Evaluation of clinically occult mammographic abnormalities using scintimammography with enhanced gramma camera imagine; No. 526: Positron emission mammotography"; Optics & Photonics News, "Free-Electron Lasers Push Into New Frontiers"; Physics Today, "Special Report: War, Terrorism, and National Security Shape Bush R&D Budget in FY 2004; Civilian R&D Funding Flat"; New Scientist, "Atomic Buffet"; Science, "Calculating the Incalculable: After decades of struggle, physicists may soon be able to predict the properties of matter made of quarks. The advance could change the face of particle physics"; RT Image, "T-Rays!: Imaging at a new frequency could have a colossal impact"
  • Folder 20: June 2003: Biophotonics International, "SPECT/CT Emerges from the Shadow of PET/CT"; CERN Courier, "JLab results put new spin on the vacuum"; DOE This Month, "James A. Turi"; Nuclear News, "SLAC experiment identifies new subatomic particle: Initial studies indicate Ds (2317) is an unusual configuration of a "charm" quark and a "strange" anti-quark"; Technology Review, "Squirm Scan"; Executive Intelligence Review, "Interview: Helene Langevin-Joliot 'Science is a Human Adventure'"; Nature, "Researchers feel the power as electron laser lights up"
  • Folder 21: July 2003: Nature, "Collision debris yields five-quark particle"; The Economist, "Quarks: Five alive!"; Science, "Evidence for 'Pentaquark' Particles Sets Theorists Re-Joyce-ing"; New Scientist, "Pentaquark makes fleeting appearance"
  • Folder 22: Fall 2003: CNU Alumni Magazine, "CNU Students & Employers Benefit from Intern Program"
  • Folder 23: August 2003: Laser Focus World, "Aiming at 10 kW, infrared free-electron laser achieves first light"; U.S. News & World Report, "Catching T-waves: Terahertz radiation is gentle, but piercing"; New Scientist, "T-rays see the cancers that others miss"
  • Folder 24: September 2003: CERN Courier, "Four labs find five-quark particle"; Physics Today, "Four Experiments Give Evidence of an Exotic Baryon with Five Quarks"; Sea Technology, "Lasers Studied for Use as Weapons"
  • Folder 25: November 2003: CERN Courier, "CEBAF celebrates seven years of physics"; Site Selection, "Oyster Point of Newport News: The Peninsula's City Center"
  • Folder 26: December 2003: APS News, "Dual Use Detection"; C&EN, "Chemists May Gain with DOE R&D Plan: Energy Department's 20-year 'blueprint' holds many projects for chemical science"
  • Folder 27: 2004: Applied Radiology, "Women's Health 2004: Breast-Specific Gamma Imaging"
  • Folder 28: January 2004: Discover, "9: New Matter Detected at Japanese Accelerator"; Physics Today, "DOE Unveils 20-Year Priority List for Developing 28 Research Facilities"; Science News, "Topsy Turvy: In neutrons and protons, quarks take wrong turns"
  • Folder 29: February 2004: DOE This Month, "Lab contracts to be extended, competed"; Physics Today, "Spinning the nucleon into sharper focus", "Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics Comes of Age"; Popular Mechanics, "Laser Weapons of the Navy"; Science, "DOE's Competitive Schedule"
  • Folder 30: March 2004: CERN Courier, "From 'tau' to 'top' - the man behind the Dalitz plot: Richard (Dick) Dalitz has spent more than 50 years in the study of elementary particles, the quark model and quantum chromodynamics. Here he talks to Melanie O'Byrne"
  • Folder 31: Spring 2004: Ms., "Quantum Leap: In a rare experiment, women physicists take charge"; Woman Engineer, "Cecilia Garcia Whitlatch: Jefferson Lab"
  • Folder 32: April 2004: CERN Courier, "The challenge of the pentaquarks", "Virginia honours parton theorist Radyushkin"; Minority Engineer, "Jefferson Lab"
  • Folder 33: May 2004: Physics Today, "Anthony Thomas; Web Watch"; Virginia Business, "Growth Development: Hampton Roads"
  • Folder 34: June 2004: CERN Courier, "Joining up the dots with the strong force"
  • Folder 35: July 2004: New Scientist, "The Power of Five: Could our best theory be wrong? Of Course not, say physicists. So why does an enigmatic particle made of five quarks have them falling over each other to dream up new models?"; The Chronicle of Higher Education, "The Next Information Superhighway: Universities are creating a muscular new computer network, but it offers more than some want"
  • Folder 36: July/August 2004: CERN Courier, "JLab: Experiments pass the one-hundred mark", "Cryogenic operations come in from the cold: A recent meeting at Jefferson Lab has inaugurated a new biennial workshop on reducing operating costs and increasing stability and reliability in a new generation of refrigeration plants for superconducting accelerators"
  • Folder 37: Fall 2004: Cold Facts, "Jefferson Lab Develops Powerful FEL Laser"
  • Folder 38: September 2004: CERN Courier, "JLab: Free-electron laser achieves 10 kilowatts"; Jane's International Defense Review, "US Navy demonstrates highest-power free-electron laser"; Photonics Spectra, "Free-Electron Laser Achieves 10kW in the Infrared"
  • Folder 39: October 2004: Sea Technology, "Free-Electron Laser Reaches 10 Kilowatts"; Interaction Point, "Thirty Years of Quarky Nuclear Physics"
  • Folder 40: November 2004: NSTA Reports, "Jefferson Lab - Science Education website"; Science, "High Energy Physics: Rara Avis or Statistical Mirage? Pentaquark Remains at Large: Two years after its surprise appearance in debris from a nuclear collision, some researchers suspect an exotic particle may be a will-o'-the-wisp"
  • Folder 41: December 2004: CERN Courier, "CEBAF set to double energy: Jefferson Lab is aiming to further studies of strongly interacting matter by upgrading the Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility to 12GeV and adding a fourth experimental hall", "Jefferson Lab's journey into the nucleus: Experiments at the boundary of nuclear physics and particle physics are providing a clearer view of the nucleus in terms of the basic quarks and gluons"; Cold Facts, "Sold on Cold"
  • Folder 42: Winter 2005: Cold Facts, "Meyer Collaborates with Fermilab, Berkeley Lab on Key LHC Component"
  • Folder 43: February 2005: Virginia Business, "Virginia research directory: Applied Research Center - Old Dominion University"; Radiology, "Detection of Primary Breast Carcinoma with a Dedicated, Large-Field-of-View FDG PET Mammography Device: Initial Experience"; APS News, "The Quark-Meson Coupling Model"
  • Folder 44: March 2005: Advanced Materials & Processes, "Free-electron laser generates terahertz for materials analysis"; APS News, "Bad Dreams? No, Reality Check!"; RT Image, "Of Mice and Men: Detector technology aids development of cystic fibrosis therapy"
  • Folder 45: Spring/Summer 2005: William & Mary Alumni Magazine, "Accelerating: The College's Mutually Beneficial Relationship with Jefferson Lab"
  • Folder 46: April 2005: School Library Journal, "Gr 6-10A"; Cold Facts, "What's New at the Labs: In Memoriam - Jefferson Lab mourns the death of Jim Deihl"; Science, "Latest Data Deal 'Pentaquark' Sighting a Fresh Blow", "Falling Budget Could Force Choice Between Nuclear Science Facilities"
  • Folder 47: May 2005: CERN Courier, "JLab: Electron reveal secrets of neutrinos"; New Scientist, "Hunt for the pentaquark draws a blank this time"; Science News, "Scales tilt against five-quark particles"
  • Folder 48: June 2005: APS News, "New Experiment Casts Doubt on Elusive Pentaquark"; CERN Courier, "JLab: Mystery deepens as pentaquarks refuse to make an appearance", "PET and CT: a perfect fit: David Townsend began his pioneering work in PET imaging 30 years ago while at CERN. Here he talks to Beatrice Bressan about his current work and how he field developed", "Energy-recovering linacs begin maturing: the ERL2005 Workshop at Jefferson Lab in March - the first of its kind - reviewed an innovative use of electrolinacs in light sources and, potentially, particle colliders"; Physics Today, "The experimental evidence for pentquarks"
  • Folder 49: August 2005: NSTA Reports, "Website from the Jefferson Lab's Office of Science Education"; Photonics Spectra, "Free-Electron Lasers Come of Age: A quarter century after their invention, free-electron lasers are driving worldwide investigations"
  • Folder 50: August/September 2005: APS News, "Nuclear Physics Facilities Confront Funding Crisis"
  • Folder 51: September 2005: CERN Courier, "Conference brings Einstein to Tennessee: This year's major accelerator conference covered impressive progress in the field, and featured events celebrating the World Year of Physics"; Oak Ridge National Laboratory Reporter, "Big Chill: SNS already charting 'first, most' with successful cold linac commissioning"; Symmetry, "Niobium 92.90638: More than 500 tons of niobium would go into building the ILC. What's so great about niobium? Where does it come from? And is the Earth's supply going to run out?"; R&D Magazine, "High Power Pulsed Laser"
  • Folder 52: October 2005: CERN Courier, "Deep inside the proton: The DIS 2005 workshop reviewed progress in deep inelastic scattering and quantum chromodynamics, and provided the chance to plan for the future", "Investigating the proton's strange sea: Several research groups are conducting experiments to determine the exact contributions of strange quarks in the quark-gluon "sea" to the proton's charge distribution and magnetization"; Cold Facts, "CSA Short Courses Well-Received", "CSA Presents Awards at CEC/ICMC Luncheon"; Physics Today, "Task Force Calls for Weapons Lab Consolidation", "APS Honors Awardees: Eduard Pozdeyev"
  • Folder 53: November 2005: CERN Courier, "Close nucleon encounters: Jefferson Lab may have directly observed short-range nucleon correlations, with densities similar to those at the heart of a neutron star"; Physics Today, "Letters:"
  • Folder 54: December 2005: CERN Courier, "SNS reaches major milestone on journey to completion next June"; Chronicle of Higher Education, "Grants and Contracts Manager advertisement"; Science News, "Pentaquacks?"
  • Folder 55: 2005/2006: Living in Hampton Roads: Peninsula & Southside, "Business Development: Major Research Centers"
  • Folder 56: 2006: Nuclear Physics News International, "laboratory portrait: A Unified Approach to Nuclear Science at Florida State University"
  • Folder 57: January/February 2006: CERN Courier, "Tackling the challenge of lattice QCD: Don Holmgren describes Pion, Fermilab's new commodity solution for lattice quantum chromodynamics computing, which went online at the end of last year", "Tokyo meeting focuses on nucleon-spin problem: Quark spin, gluon spin and the orbital angular momenta of quarks and gluons can all contribute to nucleon spin, but which has the main role? Physicists met in Tokyo to discuss", "Hall D Group Leader advertisement"
  • Folder 58: February 2006: Science, "A Budget with Big Winners and Losers"
  • Folder 59: March 2006: CERN Courier, "Fellowships for US Lab directors"
  • Folder 60: Spring 2006: Cold Facts, "International Linear Collider News"; GWmagazine, "Faculty Focus: Unlocking the Logic of Physics"
  • Folder 61: May 2006: Popular Science, "Attack at the Speed of Light: After decades of expensive, well-publicized failures, laser weapons may finally be on the horizon. Can scientists end the era of bombs and bullets?"; Laser Focus World, "FEL heats fat, leaves water alone; could treat acne"
  • Folder 62: June 2006: Science & Vie, "Technologie Medicale: Employer un laser pour bruler les grisses"
  • Folder 63: Fall 2006: New York Times Style Magazine, "Cottage-Cheese Smoothie"
  • Folder 64: September 2006: Symmetry, "The rise and fall of the pentaquark"; Science, "Embracing Small Science in a Big Way: The US Department of Energy redirects it big machines towards small-scale research, as materials science overtakes particle physics"
  • Folder 65: October 2006: AAPPS Bulletin, "HAPPEx Shows the Proton is not so Strange"; advertiser mention for "Achievable Dream Tennis Ball"
  • Folder 66: October/November 2006: Symmetry, "Acceleration of particles"
  • Folder 67: November 2006: CERN Courier, "Jefferson Lab attracts record numbers to Geant4 workshop"
  • Folder 68: December 2006: ODU Courier, "ODU to offer instruction in accelerator physics"
Box 3
  • Folder 1: January 2007: Reader's Digest, "The Fat-Zapping Laser"
  • Folder 2: February 2007: Physics Today, "Dylla tapped to head AIP"; Government Executive, "Virginia Merges Onto Tech Superhighway"
  • Folder 3: March 2007: CERN Courier, "Axions create excitement and doubt at Princeton: A Workshop at the Institute for Advanced Study paid much attention to a small-scale experiment that might have found the first direct indication of a new particle", "Dylla leave Jefferson Lab to take the reins at the AIP", "Amazing particles and light: Swapan Chattopadhyay reflects on the extraordinary fundamental value of accelerators"
  • Folder 4: June 2007: Science, "Turning Ocean Water into Rain: A novel technology may end the curse of bad drinking water on remote Indian islands - and offer an alternative method of desalination for mainland communities, too"
  • Folder 5: July 2007: Superconductor Week, "Jefferson Lab Wins Award for Efficient Cryogenics System"
  • Folder 6: Fall 2007: Cold Facts, "What's New at the Labs: Part I - Jefferson Lab"
  • Folder 7: November 2007: Superconductor Week, "$310M Jefferson Lab Receives Design Approval"; Education Week, "Scientists Nurture Teachers' Growth in Math and Science"
  • Folder 8: November/December 2007: Synchrotron Radiation News, "The 4th Generation Light Source at Jefferson Lab"
  • Folder 9: December 2007: ILC NewsLine Quarterly, "Cranking Out Cavities"
  • Folder 10: Winter 2008: Cold Facts, "People, Companies in Cryogenics"
  • Folder 11: February 2008: Wiedza i Zycie, "Przy Koncu początku"
  • Folder 12: March 2008: NEMA Electroindustry, "New Imager Provides Early Detection Capability"
  • Folder 13: April 2008: Science, "Movers: A Good Baseline"
  • Folder 14: May 2008: CERN Courier, "Neil takes the reins at JLab's FEL division"
  • Folder 15: June 2008: CERN Courier, "Montgomery to take the helm at Jefferson Lab"
  • Folder 16: August 2008: AAPPS Bulletin, "Montgomery to take the helm at Jefferson Lab"
  • Folder 17: September 2008: Symmetry, "JLab's New Director: For Hugh Montgomery, the leap from particle physics to nuclear physics is shorter than you might think"
  • Folder 18: Fall 2008: Cold Facts, "What's New at the Labs: Jefferson Lab"
  • Folder 19: November 2008: CERN Courier, "DOE approves 12 GeV upgrade for CEBAF"
  • Folder 20: January 2009: Science, "On Campus: Buy the Book"
  • Folder 21: January/February 2009: CERN Courier, "ALICE achieves energy recovery at Daresbury and Cockcroft Institute", "Protons and neutrons cozy up in nuclei and neutron stars", "Deputy Associate Director - Accelerator Division advertisement"
  • Folder 22: Summer 2009: SciDAC Review, "Simulation Tools for Modeling Next-Generation Accelerators"
  • Folder 23: July 2009: Science, "DOE's Push to Train a New Generation Falters in House"
  • Folder 24: Fall 2009: SciDAC Review, "ComPASS Team Helps Diagnose a CEBAF Issue"
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