Selection Process

The PI's will weigh the student's potential based on GPA, home institution, (two) letters of reference and the student's online application form. In this form the student will describe his or her scientific interests, including which mentorship projects he/she would prefer, long-term goals, previous research experience and expectations for benefiting from the program. Exceptional students at all levels will be considered. The potential of the student to benefit from the REU experience, to make a meaningful contribution to the research activity and to pursue a career in physics or a related field will be the primary criteria for selecting students. It does not matter if the student has already had research experience as long as she or he demonstrates talent and interest in the program. The PI's will do a preliminary match of applicants to mentorship projects. Then, as part of the final selection, the mentors will interview prospective students over the telephone to ensure the best mentor-student match.


Student Science