Opportunities exist for individuals to pursue masters or doctoral level research related to SRF at Jefferson Lab. Several of the JLab staff members have adjunct faculty appointments with the major universities in Virginia. This enables students who have completed necessary course work to pursue their research taking advantage of JLab facilities and staff expertise.

Students have undertaken their research topics in the following areas:

  • SRF properties of high-Tc superconductors
  • Field emission from niobium surfaces
  • Niobium surface characterization using SIMS
  • Controlled energetic deposition of niobium films
  • Variation of superconducting material parameters with heat treatment of niobium
  • Ultrasonic characterization of bulk niobium material
  • Surface niobium oxide structure dependence on chemical processing conditions
  • Plasma etching of niobium

It is expected that further opportunities will continue to develop.

To explore current or potential opportunities to pursue graduate work in SRF at JLab, contact Dr. Charles Reece.

  • Post-doctoral

Occasionally JLab has the opportunity to fill post doctoral research positions related to SRF. In the past such positions have worked in the fields of field emission defect characterization and energetic thin film deposition, as well as rf structure design and analysis.

Candidates interested in pursuing potential opportunities using JLab SRF facilities or supporting existing JLab programs should contact Dr. Bob Rimmer, Director of the SRF Institute.