Cryogenics Group Mission Statement

Provide cost effective, reliable, safe, and environmentally responsible cryogenic helium plant operation and future resource planning for the laboratory; combined with continuous design and operational advancements of 4K and 2K helium cryogenic technology through technical collaborations with other research laboratory and industrial partners. Promote cryogenic technology and individual advancements by formal and informal education in the field of cryogenics.

This mission statement contributes in the following way:

  • Promote current advanced and future of JLab technology and operational concepts to reduce the electrical and utility usage for existing and future planned cryogenic systems.

  • Provide on-going practical operational solutions to maintain the leading standard for reliability and availability of 2K and 4K multi-plant operations.

  • Serve as a common technical resource for the research user community to define optimal cryogenic system definition and specification which provides the most effective valance of capital equipment, performance and operational cost for their application.

  • Share current JLab technology of plant automation and control schemes which reduce required operator manpower for a given amount of Carnot refrigeration load support.

  • Promote cryogenic plant design concepts that exhibit significant improvement in extending the required intervals between major equipment maintenance and overhauls periods.

  • Contribute to cryogenic technology advancement by sharing design concepts and providing educational coursed with other DOE laboratories, research organizations and industry.