What I send to prospective mentors

Dear ‘name’,

It is that time again to solicit summer research projects for undergraduates (REU program). If you are interested in mentoring a student please send a project (sample below) which will be posted on the REU web site. The students are here from May 29 to Aug. 3, 2018. There is no financial cost to you for mentoring the student.  A response by the 21st of Nov. is appreciated. Thanks.

Development and Testing of a Radial Time Projection Chamber

Prof. Gail Dodge (gdodge@odu.edu) and Prof. Stephen Bueltmann(sbueltma@odu.edu)

In order to study the structure of the neutron we are preparing for an experiment (known as BONuS) in which we will scatter electrons from deuterium targets. The BONuS experiment has been identified by the Jefferson Lab Program Advisory Committee as a high impact measurement that should be run early in the 12 GeV era, and is currently scheduled for 2018. By identifying low momentum, backward recoiling protons, we can preferentially select events in which the electron scattered from the neutron in the deuteron. To detect those low momentum protons, we are building a Radial Time Projection Chamber (RTPC), which uses Gaseous Electron Multiplier (GEM) detector technology. In summer 2017 we will be testing a prototype RTPC, together with the electronics that will enable us to read out the signals. Of particular concern is the time profile, amplitude and stability of the signals from different parts of the detector, as well as the performance of the digital electronics.

The student will learn about GEM detectors and learn how to test them, both in a flat test bed and in the full RTPC curved prototype. The student will use data acquisition and analysis techniques to investigate the performance of the prototype detector. Further, the student will investigate the physics of particle interactions with matter in order to understand the test results.


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