Unclassified Foreign Visits & Assignment

Jefferson Lab is subject to the Department of Energy's Order on Unclassified Foreign Visits (on-site less than 30 days) and Assignments (on-site 30 days or more). This order requires the Lab to collect more information concerning nationality and visa status than has been our practice in the past. In order to comply with the Interim Guidance for Implementation of the Department of Energy's order, the Lab must collect and enter the data into DOE Foreign Access Tracking System (FACTS) or in the Jefferson Lab JList database within certain timeframes to grant on-site access approval at the Lab for each visit and assignment by non-U.S. citizens.

Documentation of immigrant or nonimmigrant status, citizenship, and identity is required for all foreign visitors and assignees to verify the foreign national's identity and authority to work and ensure that the foreign national is eligible (in lawful immigration status) to be in the United States. This information is entered into either the DOE FACTS database or the JLab JList database; the lawful immigration status of foreign nationals must be valid for the duration of the visit or assignment.

Access requests for nationals of state sponsors of terrorism who are not lawful permanent residents require approval by the site approval authority before final approval determination. Final approval authority is held by the Secretary of Energy and can be assigned only to Deputy Secretary, Under Secretary for Nuclear Security/Administrator for the National Nuclear Security Administration, Under Secretary of Energy, or Under Secretary for Science. The Deputy Secretary or appropriate Under Secretary, in consultation with the Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence, will make the final approval determinations for these access requests. Subsequent assignment requests extending access to the hosting field site or Headquarters program, staff or support office may be approved by the approval authority for that field site or Headquarters office.

  • Nationals of state sponsors of terrorism may not host other foreign nationals.
  • Nationals of sensitive countries may not host other foreign nationals from a sensitive country

For a list of Terrorists Sponsoring countries, please click here.

For information on Sensitive Countries, please contact Sue Ewing at x7687

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