JLab Occupational Medicine Health & Safety

an employee gets their tempature taken at Occ. Med.

Occupational Medicine provides a range of health services and can work with your personal physician on your health needs.

JLab's Occupational Medicine group provides a variety of occupational health services for employees and lab users. We assist visitors and subcontractors with medical emergencies, provide first-aid treatment and coordinate referrals to qualified off-site providers for more serious cases. We also have available to employees a wide range of medical monitoring and wellness-related services. All of these are provided at no cost to employees and with strict medical confidentiality.

What We Do

Occupational Medicine provides first-aid and other limited emergency care for injuries and illnesses that occur on site. If you are injured on the job report it immediately to your supervisor and go to Occupational Health & Safety if you are able. The nurse will come to you if needed; this includes situations in which you suddenly become very ill and need help. Always call 911 first for serious injuries or illnesses.

Occupational Medicine can provide only limited care for injuries or illnesses. The nurse will provide first aid treatment, assess the extent of the injury and if appropriate recommend additional diagnosis and treatment. We will refer you to off-site care providers for more serious work-related injuries and illnesses. We will provide you with a panel of qualified physicians to choose from.

What We Cannot Do

Occupational Medicine cannot treat family members or provide vaccinations for them. We also cannot take the place of your personal physician, and we are unable to prescribe medications. We will help you find a doctor that meets your needs and we will work with your doctor on personal health issues that affect your job. There is no substitute, however, for an on-going relationship with a personal physician whom you trust.